Be wary about buying a Fujitsu Siemens pc from Com

  Rog B 17:25 21 Sep 2003

I purchased a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 600 pc from Comet and right from the outset I couldn?t get it to work. It took me a whole week and over £14 in telephone calls to Comet, Fujitsu Siemens and Trading Standards before it worked. Fujitsu Siemens eventually found out that there was a conflict between the graphics card and the motherboard (don?t they test them??). During this time I tried, unsuccessfully, to get the pc exchanged or a refund from Comet but Comet wouldn?t oblige saying that I must first get authorisation from Fujitsu Siemens. Fujitsu Siemens refused to do that and I found myself in a catch 22 situation. I was informed by Trading Standards that Comet are obliged to exchange or give a refund under the Sale of Goods Act if goods are proved faulty at the time of purchase. However Trading Standards cannot enforce it and so it is up to the individual to resort to legal action.

So, be warned, if you don?t want your consumer rights severely restricted and loads of hassle look somewhere else!


  Forum Editor 18:44 21 Sep 2003

You mustn't warn people against buying from Comet on the basis of a single bad experience.

Under the terms of the recently revised sale of goods to consumers regulations the law assumes that the fault existed at the time of purchase. You don't have to prove anything. The retailer (NOT the manufacturer) is liable for the fault, and must either replace the product, refund your money, or carry out the necessary repair.

This is where we hit the stony ground.

Most retailers have not got the means to repair a computer, and they will invariably send it back to the manufacturer - the law allows them a 'reasonable' time to do this, but doesn't define what reasonable is in this context.

Non of which need have bothered you, because your computer was not 'fit' for its purpose under the terms of the Sale of Goods act, and you would have been able to reject the machine and ask for a full refund or a replacement. As it's turned out, you seem to have a fully functional computer - albeit after a week's delay.

  spuds 18:45 21 Sep 2003

Comet is no longer a member of the old Kingfisher Group.It was recently taken over by Kesa. I do not know if this change as made Comet Customer services more hard, but I have a complaint going on with them at present.Reading their response, I am sure that they reply to letters, that they have not read properly.

  Rog B 22:24 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for the replies.

I did ask Comet to get the pc repaired after making several telephone calls to the Fujitsu Siemens Warranty Helpline (one call being charged to me at premium rate) and after performing three full product recoveries at their insistance but without any success and still Comet's manager refused to take my pc back saying that I must deal with it through the FS Warranty Helpline.

This is exactly my point: Comet should have sorted it out for me with their obligation under the Sale of Goods Act but they were not prepared to do so. After a week of trauma and hassle on my part, the best they offered, after I complained to Comet's Customer Services at their Head Office and also Trading Standards, and on the very day Fujitsu Siemens told me there was a conflict and that they could send me a patch on a floppy that would repair it, was to suggest that Fujitsu Siemens collect the pc from me, repair it and return it to me.

I ran the patch myself and yes, I now have a working pc after a week of hassle and lost time, but I have been left with an uncomfortable feeling that The Sale of Goods Act didn't effectively protect me from this kind of practice nor will it for anyone else unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same position.

  spuds 00:56 22 Sep 2003

Rog B. This is sounding very similar to my problem. I have recently purchased a printer from Comet, which should have [as per literature and printer buttons] a faxing facility.But the software and drivers provided by the printer manufacturer, do not seem to have the fax download for Microsoft o/s.They have suggested that I use the Macintosh drivers and software, for my Windows XP system. Like you,I find that it is costing a small fortune, with telephone calls, emails and letter writing.

  oresome 20:50 22 Sep 2003

Presumably Fujitsu make hundreds of computers with the same configuration and all will be suffering this problem. Assuming you were unlucky enough to be the first to buy one, will the rest that are now sitting in retailers showrooms be modified prior to sale?
Or will other hapless purchaser's have to go through the same frustrating scenario?

  stvmor 21:19 22 Sep 2003

Not enough complainers out there! If a shop gives you sh*t like this, visit with all boxes on a sat afternoon and kick up a big fuss (non violent of course). This should not be necessary but when a 3 minute 'chat' doesn't work, this loud approach has never failed for me!

  [email protected] 07:42 23 Sep 2003

I agree that we should complain about bad service but I feel assertiveness is more productive than creating a noisy fuss.

I work in health care and have to deal with unhappy people at times and I am certainly much more receptive to someone with a reasoned argument/point than someone who is just in my face/verbally agressive.

When you complain:

- be sure of what the problem is

- be sure of how you want the situation (realistically) resolved.

  johnnie_mcdougall 11:06 23 Sep 2003

I am currently studying Retail Business (BA) in third year, let me just tell you why is people think by causing a attitude problem in store they will get better service, also working as multimedia-specialist inside a Comet store I can tell you it doesn't work. Would you help someone as much as you could if they were "kicking up a fuss" compared to a customer who is friendly. I know the one i choose to help first. Its nice to be nice. Take it from my point of view 8 customers this week have encountered the Blaster virus, now under terms of warranty we can turn round and say .....see ya. However the 8 people bar 2 were very nice and just needed help so we fixed them. The other 2 customers who "kicked up a fuss" were told the warranty details at the back of the manufacturers leaflets. Let me explaing the returns procedure....Manufacturers physically will not allow Comet to put a return through unless you get a RA number without that Comet are useless....however remember a member of staff can phone Fujitsu Siemens for you and argue your case. I'll tell you why I am annoyed by the procedure is that I have been stung by it also, exactly same problem, different manufacturer.

Drop me an email if you get any more problems
[email protected]

  Rog B 08:13 24 Sep 2003

After several telephone calls to the Fujitsu Siemens Warranty Helpline and still my pc is not working I boxed it up and returned it to the store in question but the manager refused to accept it and said if I left it in the store he wouldn't be responsible for it. I had no option but to take it home again.

Johnnie, At no time did I loose my temper or become aggressive and by this time I was getting more concerned with my consumer rights being abused than my not functional pc. Also Comet do have a choice - they haven't got to agree to have this kind of policy in place with pc manufacturers. Admittedly most pc problems are the fault of the owner but in this case is was definitely faulty manufacture. I can't believe pc can be sent out to retailers without being properly tested first.

Oresome, I was told during one of my many calls to the FS Helpline that even if they were to authorise an exchange I could have the same problem with another one.

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