"Be Nicer to Advertisers ... " !!!

  phoenix198 08:15 05 May 2007

Don't know if anyone else saw this quite incredible article click here but let's all hope that the proprietors of PCA, PC Pro et al (continue to) have a little more integrity.

  Forum Editor 09:26 05 May 2007

to be able to make judgments about the integrity of the people I work with at PCA.

I'm not an employee of the company, but I've worked with three editors during my time here, and with several of the company's directors. In all, I've had a six-year involvement with the company - longer than that of quite a few of the people in the office - and I have never once been asked to 'be nice' to an advertiser, either here, in the forum, or in my magazine pieces.

If that ever happened I would simply refuse; my integrity as Forum Editor would immediately be compromised if I agreed to favour magazine advertisers. Without sounding smug, I don't need the income I derive from the magazine, I have a resonably successful IT consulting business, and what I do here I do because I enjoy it. After all this time the forum is in my blood, and I certainly wouldn't put that at risk by allowing myself to be muzzled in any way.

Fortunately I know that I will never be asked - the magazine doesn't run that way. I know the people who are in control of the business, and I know they wouldn't do anything that might compromise our neutrality when it comes to the way we treat advertisers in print, and here, in the forum. I've met some of our advertisers, and they've made it plain that they know it, too. It's not a problem as far as we're concerned.

  phoenix198 12:36 05 May 2007

Please be assured that I in no way question the integrity of past and present staff and management of any of the major PC-centric magazines - at least, those that I am familiar with and read regularly. To an outsider they all seem appropriately robust in upholding their neutrality in reviews and comment.

Indeed, some seem to take great delight in tweaking the noses of some of the major IT business 'players', and long may this continue!

However, there are elements of the UK IT press who seem less than neutral - one or two of the Mac-centric publications spring to mind here. However, I would probably attribute this more to a 'Mac fan-boy' mentality which borders on zealotry in some cases rather than any untoward commercial pressures. Its a slippery slope, though.

  Kate B 14:55 05 May 2007

I saw that piece yesterday and it speaks volumes for the integrity of the editor of the magazine that he refused to "be nicer to advertisers". Any UK journalist would do the same.

  phoenix198 15:34 05 May 2007

Have to agree with Kate B about the editor concerned - if he carries on like that he could end up giving journalists a good name! :-)

  The Brigadier 15:51 05 May 2007

It does show that this sort of situation can happen when the publisher tries meddle with things.

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