Jameslayer 16:50 19 Jun 2010

I was paying for ISP by card but my cards details changed. So They were unable to collect the money(took me 2 months) owed I relised this and set up a direct debit and after talking with to their online rep. They said that I could ever pay what I owed or they would debit my acount for the remaining balance when they collected next months bill through direct debit.

So I took the leave the money in my bank option till the billed it as the easier option.

Imagine my suprise when on wednesday night I was unable to connect to the net. So after being unable to find their telephone number that night. I had to use the work net to get the info.

I rang them up and the bloke basically said that because the bill had gone unpayed for two months it was disconnected. I said that I had spoke to them online and their rep said it was fine and I refered them to a ticket(their internal emails) were they said they money owed would be taken by direct debit next billing period.

He apologised but I still had to pay for 1 months net. And said that they would bill me for the 1weeks net and I would get a second week free. My net was restored to me in under 2 hours.

So overall I think their customer service was fine. I made a mistake by not changing my card details but their rep also did by saiying the direct debit would cover everything.

So this is my experience of be click here on a side note I get 7-8mb speed even at busy periods.

  ronalddonald 11:37 24 Jun 2010

How much are you paying and how much do you owe them nd who the heck are they, may be somone here on the forum might be be able to find you a better deal.

  sean-278262 20:50 24 Jun 2010

I used to be with be myself before moving to a new flat and opting for an all in package with sky. Never had a problem. I had the same issue as you with the card details but I just updated the records once the payment failed and got them to bring the account up to date. Never had an issue with their customer service. You should try their forums to see if the guys on there can get that speed you get boosted as they managed to get another 3 megs out of my line!

  tullie 04:27 25 Jun 2010

It doesent matter how much he owed,its sorted.If you dont know who they are,check his link.

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