BE Broadband Superb Service

  Lotte 12:51 06 Jan 2010

I signed up with BE in October 2009 and have been very pleasantly surprised at the level of service.

Firstly, I get consistent D/L speeds of 15-16 Mbps and U/L speed 1.03 Mbps.

Secondly, when I joined the offer included a £25 Amazon voucher. This was delayed from November to December. No problem I thought. They emailed saying that because of the delay I would be given three weeks free service!!

It was my birthday yesterday and they sent an email wishing me happy birthday and a free day as a present.

This is how customer should be.

If you're thinking of changing ISP check them out. (and no I'm not connected with them in any way)

  GaT7 17:55 06 Jan 2010

Good to hear :-).

I'm with O2 BB (BE's main/sister company) & cannot recommend them enough.

For next time, keep in mind there may be cashback to be had as well click here & click here (only one cashback amount can be claimed). At the moment O2's cashback is much better though click here & click here. G

  wags 18:30 06 Jan 2010

I agree 100% Lotte. I had also signed up to the £25 Amazon deal and because of the delay in emailing the voucher was given 3 weeks free service!

Their support is excellent. Using the web based ticketing is very efficient. I am a gamer, so a low ping is important and I was switched to fastpath (gamer mode) within hours of me making the request. This dropped my ping to a steady 13-15ms and has been rock solid ever since.

O2 (which uses the same service) would have been cheaper (especially as I have an O2 mobile) but they will not enable fastpath. For non-gamers O2 is a great deal, especially if Crossbow7's links are used.

  Input Overload 18:49 06 Jan 2010


  GaT7 19:19 06 Jan 2010

"O2 (which uses the same service) would have been cheaper (especially as I have an O2 mobile)"

That's true. They give a £5 discount each month if one's an O2 mobile (contract/PAYG) customer.

If on PAYG, one needs to top-up their mobile with a minimum of £10 every quarter to maintain the £20 BB discount over the same quarter. That still works out £10 cheaper (over a quarter) than if one didn't own a PAYG O2 mobile!

They even send one a reminder email & text to make this top-up (if it's lapsing) in order to receive the discount over the following quarter :-), G

  KremmenUK 07:20 07 Jan 2010

O2 for me as well.

Better speeds as they are LLU plus they have a UK 24x7 free helpline.

nuff said :)

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