BCE1610IM cd rewriter from Watford Electronics

  mavesynmeg 18:12 15 Jun 2003

My son-in-law, Mr Mark Prentice, purchased two of your CD writers in February 2002 one for himself and one for me so that I could use the re-writable CD to release some of the disk space on my computer, which only had 6.5Gb hard disk drive. It also gave me the facility to burn CD?s to use at the school where I work part time - saving me carrying several floppy disks with my work done at home at the weekends.

The 5 re-writable discs which came with the re-writer only seem to last a short while before they just keep spinning in the re-writer and will not allow me access to my work, which is then lost. The discs will not format either to allow me use them again so I have now got through all 5 discs in the last twelve months.

I thought it might have been a fault with my Windows programme, so I changed this from Windows 98 to Windows ME with no improvement. I have now just upgraded my computer to a Perfecta PC System 2003 with your good selves (again through Mr Prentice) as part of a three-computer purchase package (customer a/c no.SV500004099) thinking that my former computer was at fault. Now the disc will allow me to save work to it sometimes but then it will suddenly freeze the whole system, and I have re-start my computer to unfreeze it.

I have asked my son-in-law to try the discs in his BCE 1610IM re-writer purchased at the same time as myself and everything works perfectly in his. His system has been run using similar Windows programmes to mine, as stated in the previous paragraph. So I can only assume that I am struggling because my re-writer has been faulty from the start.

Under the Sale of Goods Act (1979) I understand that when I purchase goods I am entitled to expect that they will be fit for their purpose and to last for a reasonable length of time, irrespective of any limited guarantee given.

  Totally-braindead 18:25 15 Jun 2003

Not really sure what going on here. Is there some sort of question you are asking or what? If you have a problem with something you bought from Watfords do you not think it might be an idea to contact them?

  mavesynmeg 18:28 15 Jun 2003

Sorry! I just gave the details of the problem initially. I have been trying to get some response from them since April to no avail. I wonder if there is anything that I can do about the problem?

  Totally-braindead 18:35 15 Jun 2003

Since you bought them in Feb last year I kind of think they won't really be interested as you usually only get a one year guarantee. My advice would be buy a new cdwriter. Watford are not obligated to replace something which is faulty beyond the one year from time of purchase.

  Stuartli 19:23 15 Jun 2003

It would seem, as already suggested, that you have far exceeded an acceptable time scale to take up this matter with Watford Electronics.

If you fail to realise after more than a year that something appears to be amiss - and it may not necessarily be so with either the rewriter or the CD-RW disks - then you cannot reasonably expect the retailer to become involved.

You are right to expect under the SOGA (1979) that products will be fit for their purpose and to last for a reasonable time, but to say you are stretching this beyond acceptable limits in this instance is putting it somewhat mildly.

To put it another way, if you were to go so far as to take the matter to the small claims court, I'm pretty sure that you would not only lose, but would also be meeting the defendent's costs.

As for installing a different operating system and then later purchasing a brand new computer system merely, it appears, to try and get a £40-£50 rewriter to work properly, seems to me to be stretching credulity somewhat too far.

  spuds 20:04 15 Jun 2003

I would like to add two further comments, which perhaps you will consider. When you upgraded your computer system with Watford, was this problem not highlighted at that time. Perhaps by purchasing 'three-computer purchase packages'you could have had some bargaining power, over the matter.And Watford Electronics would have had the chance to rescue the situation.

I note that you have given the customer account number, was this wise at this stage.

To contact the 'Top Man' at Watford Electronics, why not try and email: Shiraz Jessa [email protected]

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