BBC Newsnight!

  Djohn 17:00 18 Aug 2003

Just received my reminder of tonights show and this is one of the topics covered. Below is a snippet of e-mail. j.


Video killed the radio star - but is internet piracy really killing the music industry? Despite what record companies claim, new figures out today show that album sales are higher than ever. So what's the truth behind the spinning discs?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:17 18 Aug 2003

Still doesn't make recording copyright material legal.


  Barrie_G 17:19 18 Aug 2003

Should be an interesting programme, certainly looks like there is some spin going on somewhere.

There again it was the same story back in the 70's and 80's with cassette recorders, everyone was going to record songs to tape and stop buying records and the recording industry would fall to pieces and not have enough money to pay its artists etc.

  Djohn 17:27 18 Aug 2003

No! GANDALF <|:-)>, it doesn't, and that was not the intention of my post. I thought it may be of interest to those who have the opinion that the internet is the downfall of the music industry. I would have thought that by now you are well aware of my stance on piracy. Regards. j.

  TBH1 22:23 18 Aug 2003

Djohn - - good article mate - - though unfortunately didn't read this til too late.

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