Battery slow 2 charge, shop says discharge 4 times to resolve- nonsense?

  samsam3 17:13 27 Nov 2013

I've been sent a replacement Tablet PC for my NATPC M009S, they said they'd give me a reconditioned one of similar specs as it is so near to the end of the warranty (Android System Info app says it's NATPC x2-IPS)... the battery took a day and a half to get to 90 percent, and leaving it overnight it's at 40 percent. They're telling me that you need to discharge the battery and recharge 4 times to resolve this and it sounds like B.S. as the warranty is about to expire, what do you think? is this just arse??

thanks v.much

  alanrwood 18:56 27 Nov 2013

This used to be the case with some older rechargeable batteries but not with the current ones. Maybe they are still under the impression that modern batteries are the same as the older NiCd types.

I would just give it a try and when it does not work go back and insist on a replacement battery (if possible).

  morddwyd 19:14 27 Nov 2013

Some tablets seem prone to this.

My iPad was only at 70% after 24 hours, and a Lenovo only got to 40% uvernight.

Both went back

  samsam3 20:04 27 Nov 2013

Thank you both for your help. There's less than a week on the guarantee which is what made me suspicious that they were trying to waste my time charging/discharging

  lotvic 20:58 27 Nov 2013

Send it back and ask them to replace the battery with a new one.

It only takes a minute to open the back up and swap the battery. YouTube vid showing the battery (look at 1:30secs in) click here

  samsam3 22:01 27 Nov 2013

Right, that decision's made then :)

Didn't know you could open them up like that, but I'm not really techy. Really useful. thanks

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