Battery dead or can it be revived.

  birdface 15:04 27 Feb 2012

Van battery about 2 years old but left in the cold for a couple of months without getting Charged.

Brother in Law staying in Spain at the moment and has left me his car until he comes back whenever that is.

I usually go out and run the van engine to keep it charged but never charged it during the Bad weather and the Battery fully drained.

Tried charging it for a day and no luck it did take the minimal amount of charge but not enough to start it.

Charged it for another day and the same result.

Starts no bother if I use the jump leads.

I suppose I should have disconnected it to save it from draining.

Is it a case of Bining it and buying a new one or is there hope for it.

I need the van in case the brother in law decides to come back and stay.

Mind you the charger I was using must be about 40 year old at least but it did start it last summer.

Let it run for half an hour today with the revs up switched off but not enough power in it to start again.

  spuds 16:17 27 Feb 2012

Take the battery to Halfords or similar car accessory place, and get them to do a drop-test on the battery. That will soon tell you if the battery is worth saving.

I use for vehicle batteries. Their own brand might be Bosch (with lifetime warranty?). They do deal with both public and trade.

  birdface 17:38 27 Feb 2012


Thanks for the Link I had to remove the http:// for it to work.Free delivery and you just put your registration in for them to come up with the vehicle.

Did not think that would work as my vehicle was re registered when almost new.

Now not actually after a battery just now,Just trying to find out if it is dead or not.

Can't drive it as it is off road just now.No Tax Insurance or MOT.

Might need one within the next month or two so will save the address that you gave me just in case it is needed.

  namtas 00:11 28 Feb 2012

from your description I would very much suspect that your battery charger is no longer up to the job. I would be checking it out or buying a new one. As mentioned the battery condition can be checked by doing a voltage resistance check but to do a test the battery has to be charged up. It would be unusual for a battery to fail after two years, modern vehicle batteries should give up to ten years life. Also may need to check that their is not something present which is draining the battery when not the vehicle is not in use.

  wee eddie 08:36 28 Feb 2012

spuds: you've put an extra '.' in your link. Between '//' and 'www'.

That's why it didnt work for buteman

  birdface 08:38 28 Feb 2012


I think the problem is that I let the battery drain away any power it had,And like you say a good battery charger may make a lot of difference.I thought that running it for 35 minutes with the revs up a bit may have gave it enough of a charge to be able to start itself.But no it did not work.

No use buying a battery charger now as if it does not work I would then have to buy a new battery.I will ask around and see if I can borrow one of someone.

I am in the opinion that it is probably a scrapper but will try a different charger first to make sure.

  birdface 08:55 28 Feb 2012

Just had another look at the site and you can get 15% off batteries just by adding their Promo code so if I wanted the first battery for My Van it would now be £50 and not the normal price of £58 + free delivery.All in all a very good price and service.

Will save it to my Favourites just in case I need it.

  spuds 10:12 28 Feb 2012


You don't appear to mention whether the battery is a sealed for life unit, or one with removable bungs. If its the latter, you could check the contents inside, to see if there are are 'white powder' marks or the battery cells want 'topping up'. For about £2/£3 you could buy a 'gravity' tester. £1.00 for a bottle of distilled water, unless you want to make your own.

If you do try this, then remember that the contents of a battery can be harmful, if not treated with respect. No naked light or bare fingers.

wee eddie

Thanks for that, I had a look, but didn't notice the 'dot'. Silly mistake, but I put it down to old age!.

  birdface 10:43 28 Feb 2012


Yes removable bungs on it.It has been a while since I checked the levels so will have a look a bit later.Thanks for the reminder.

  wee eddie 11:06 28 Feb 2012

Methinks there might have been a problem related to the freezing weather!

Maybe the Acid level has dropped too low.

If this is the case:- Defrost some of the Ice in your Deep Freeze and use that to top it up.

  birdface 14:36 28 Feb 2012

Can't check the water level till the wife comes back as she has gone out with my keys with the van keys attached.

wee eddie

Is there any difference in Ice water than distilled water or is it just the same.I should have some distilled water about.Not that long ago since i defrosted the freezer so do not want to go into that again.

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