Bathroom fitting now leaking

  Terry5384 18:07 21 Jul 2017

I had my bathroom fitted and about 3 months after found a leak under the bath. I called another plumber who carried out repairs and now I have come back off holiday to find my kitchen flooded can I claim from the original fitter

  wee eddie 18:16 21 Jul 2017

I think that having bought in a third party. You've shot yourself in the foot..

  Menzie 00:29 22 Jul 2017

Having a third party in has muddied things somewhat. The original installer ideally should have been called to rectify any faults.

  alanrwood 09:25 22 Jul 2017

Surely it depends what caused the flooding. If it can be attributed to a specific company then I would think they would be the ones liable.

  Forum Editor 14:05 22 Jul 2017

"I called another plumber"

I'm wondering why you did that.

The fact that you came back from holiday to find the flood tells me that the fault was on the hot or cold water connection to the bath, rather than the waste trap.

By calling another plumber you have sacrificed your right to hold the first plumber responsible, unless you can prove that the flood was the result of his negligence, which is going to be virtually impossible.

Go for the second plumber - he charged you for repairing a leak and it wasn't repaired. He (or rather his insurers), is liable for the consequential damage, unless he can demonstrate that there was some other cause for which he cannot be held responsible.

  wee eddie 14:23 22 Jul 2017

The Bathroom was refitted. The Kitchen was Flooded.

Are we missing something here?

  alanrwood 18:47 22 Jul 2017

Hi wee eddie I missed that bit of info, Was the flood caused by a leak in the bathroom from which the water came down through the ceiling into the kitchen.

Does you house insurance not cover this.

  Terry5384 01:40 24 Jul 2017

I have contacted the original plumber and he has said 'speak to your insurance company and I will await there report please be sure to inform them that another plumber has been involved.

  Matt. 15:30 24 Jul 2017

Why didn't you turn off your stopcock when the property was going to empty for some time?

  john bunyan 16:03 24 Jul 2017

Most people don't turn off stopcock; also if, like me you have a loft cold water tank and a hot water copper cylinder, these feed the bathroom, so the mains stopcock would no stop such a flood. If you are sure the original installer is to blame, he should have 3rd party insurance to cover the problem.

  Forum Editor 22:41 24 Jul 2017

"he has said 'speak to your insurance company and I will await there report please be sure to inform them that another plumber has been involved."

The second plumber should be speaking to his insurers.

He undertook a repair for which he has, presumably, been paid. His repair was not effectively carried out, and I imagine you have suffered a consequential loss - damage to your kitchen.

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