Bargain Acer

  BeeWee 12:46 10 Mar 2004

skybuy are offering the following for £750 instead of £1500..thought someone might be interested

HALF PRICE - Acer Aspire RC500 PC comes with a 15in TFT LCD monitor and
Intel Pentium 4 processor: 120Gb hard drive, DDR, DVD-RW drive. Edit
video, pictures and music files. Use as a video, picture viewer or FM
radio. GeForce FX 5200 128Mb graphics, TV tuner, WindowsXP Home +
Worksuite 2003, speakers, wireless keyboard.


  Diodorus Siculus 22:42 10 Mar 2004

Sounds good on first look. Do you have a link to the machine, or to Acer's details?

  bvw in bristol 23:56 10 Mar 2004

Half price offers: click here

  [email protected] 07:28 11 Mar 2004

Is it really half price ?? (I never trust these kind of offers!!)

I have found the same system (without the 15" Monitor granted) for £586 inc vat. I imagine you could pick up a similar monitor for the £164 difference.

It is for sale from a few places and no-one is charging £1500.

I'm not saying its not a good deal but dont buy it thinking you are getting it at half the going price.

  [email protected] 07:28 11 Mar 2004

Link for one of the other prices.

click here

  [email protected] 07:32 11 Mar 2004

Just noticed it also comes with worksuite 2003.

It does actually seem like quite a good deal, but still not half price :-)

  BeeWee 09:06 11 Mar 2004

I should have posted the here

click here

then click on - clearance - and it will take you to the acer in question.

I agree with you [email protected] and I'm sure if you look around you can probably find better or at least the equivalent. I just thought it seemed a good deal and worth a mention.

  JerryJay 12:15 11 Mar 2004

What is speed of P4 processor with the machine? This is not stated. So they can give you any P4 processor.

  andyhuz 14:03 11 Mar 2004

If your Acer machine were to go wrong and needed attention you may be faced with a long wait for return of your PC. I sent my laptop away for repair exactly one month ago and it still hasn`t returned yet. I will post more details in a new thread soon....


  Stormpool 18:19 11 Mar 2004

5200 FX is the budget Geforce FX card, 120gb hard drive is quite standard, as has been said any P4 processor - my guess is 2.4 as that's quite common about now. Memory could be anything 256-512 expected.

At £1500 .. that would be horrendous! £750 brings it down to a more reasonable price.

"Is it really half price ?? (I never trust these kind of offers!!) "

I suppose it's so easy for a company to slap a price on double of what it's worth, then slap a load more stickers on it saying HALF PRICE!! LOOK AT ME!!!

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