Bargain 1 Gig SD Card £17.99

  Al94 22:09 22 Mar 2006

Just got one of these but stocks are getting low click here

  Stuartli 23:01 22 Mar 2006

This news came recently in the regular e-mail newsletter from the company.

I reminded me that I paid a similar price to the company for the 256MB version not all that long ago, although at the time it was a good price.

But it doesn't matter when you buy something, the price always seems to go down or the specification is racked up within a few days of the goods arriving...:-(

  spuds 10:24 23 Mar 2006

I still wonder, how some prices can fall by as much as 75% within a couple of weeks on some items. Been their and done it :o(

  Al94 13:23 23 Mar 2006

They must have got more in - stocks now "plenty"

  oresome 19:35 23 Mar 2006

Of course, the photos or whatever you store will grow in size to match the storage capacity and you'll be back at square one in no time.

  Dipso 14:56 24 Mar 2006

7dayshop do charge £3.95 for delivery making a total of £21.92

Ebuyer £22.14 with free next day delivery

Amazon £22.13 with Super Saver delivery

These cards are made by Toshiba (if you remove the Viking sticker)

  mahalo 19:28 24 Mar 2006

It's annoying when the price changes, we bought a satnav, a week later it came down £60. Another point, I have ordered the 1gb card from 7day shop, a couple of months ago I paid 44.99 for one at the same place !, and I bet we get an email telling us the free p&p is back on. Good to have moan isn't it !. Sorry Al94, it's your topic. Cheers.

  beattyben 20:37 24 Mar 2006

I agree with Suartli it's really annoying when prices change, unfortunately that's the way of the world. Today's news is tomorrows chip wrapper as they say. I must say that I am a fan of 7dayshop and I have always found them to be reliable, cheap but still offer good quality. e.g. a recent order for compatible Epson cartridges...a delay albeit a few days for some of the order (and I was notified by e mail)the price dropped and that was what they charged me. Another company I deal with is AUTDirect, cheap but offers good service and prompt delivery. Al94 if you can find a 1gb SD for less than £17.99 with a reasonable postage rate lower than 7dayshop please let me know. I know it's not part of this thread but does anyone know if PCHome mag is now defunct as I have not had a copy for 2 months
keep smiling

  Stuartli 23:45 24 Mar 2006

>>I agree with Stuartli it's really annoying when prices change,>>

But it's never been any different and I go back a long way buying computer related items...:-)

However, if we waited for prices to drop or specifications to be boosted, we'd never buy anything; the grass would always been greener on the other side.

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