Barebones advice

  twazzler 15:38 11 Feb 2006

Hello chaps,

Some time ago I bought an MSI Mega PC barebones system. It looks very pretty but it was expensive and, to be honest, has given me nothing but aggravation ever since I bought the damn thing. So I'm after some advice please - can anyone recommend a barebones system which will support the bits and pieces I already have, namely:

P4 2.8 Prescott (socket 478)
120 Gb IDE HDD
Radeon 9600

Price is not really an option, although the cheaper the better (obviously!) - as I already mentioned the last barebones I bought wasn't cheap and I'm wary of being stung again.

Thanks in advance.

  Trackrat 16:17 11 Feb 2006

Try e-bay.

click here

  twazzler 16:29 11 Feb 2006

Thanks Trackrat, but I don't really trust ebay (sorry to be picky)

BTW - the CPU is not a Prescott (despite what I said earlier)

  ened 14:51 12 Feb 2006

There are many people in this forum, myself included, who have never had a problem with this firm (I hope I'm not tempting fate).

What I like about them is that you can put a system together by getting ideas of compatibility from their suggestions. Also you can gain useful hints from their pretty extensive product reviews.

Hope this helps.

  Trackrat 16:27 12 Feb 2006

Try this firm I have only dealt with them once but the service was excellent.
You can send them an e-mail with your specifications and they will suggest what is best for you.

click here

  961 17:27 12 Feb 2006

I'd try Novatech for the bits you need although it would be interesting to try to establish what was causing the problems you have been having to save going down the same road again

The other thing to think about is the operating system. Is it oem or retail and are you going to be able to use it again or do you need to buy another

If the latter, then it may be worth considering a new barebones system. How old is the present stuff?

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