spikeychris 08:18 13 Sep 2003

latest scam. Email redirecting users to the barclays website asking members to fill in their details. Some people are actually doing it.

Its not the Barclays website its been spoofed....

  Forum Editor 09:12 13 Sep 2003
  spuds 11:11 13 Sep 2003

How secure is secure. Speaking to my Barclay's personal banker yesterday, and he didn't mention this (;o(

  Stuartli 21:06 13 Sep 2003

As I've said elsewhere, anyone stupid enough to fall for such a scam deserves all they get...

  wee eddie 21:16 13 Sep 2003

A very rash statement, and unfair with it.

We all have minor errors of judgement and from what I hear this scam is very persuasive.

It will be interesting to find out how it is possible to counter such threats.

This one may be relatively easy for an experienced user to avoid but there will be many who do not have sufficient experience or to much trust in what appears to be kosher.

And the perpetrators will become more experienced over time, so a strategy must be created (if it has not already been so) to mitigate or negate such a creation.

  choffe 10:34 15 Sep 2003

the wife told me about this yesterday been on the news or something, the advice given was just not to use online banking for the time being..check your banks homepage for latest news, and if re-directed, disconnect.

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