Bannersbroker is not ponzi, scam, mlm, pyramid

  starluck 11:01 21 Oct 2012

Hi, I know you've closed the previous post but I would just like to give my view, and I hope you don't lock this!! I joined Bannersbroker in December 2011 with trepidation but I need not have worried - I withdrew the money I had initially put in (500$) 7 months later, now I am buying more panels so get more money, I have not and do not intend to put in any more $s, it's all profit now & I withdrew 500$ to my BB card yesterday. Also my upline who has helped me understand and work the programme gains credits from me not $s and it is a one line programme not pyramid or mlm.

Any responses will be answered

Happy Sunday

Annie aka starluck aka stardust

  Forum Editor 11:17 21 Oct 2012

"Any responses will be answered"

What responses could there possibly be? You've said you're doing just fine, and that's great. Thank you for sharing your good news. I'm not quite sure why you felt it necessary, but thanks anyway.

  starluck 20:21 21 Oct 2012

Thanks, I just had to post as your previous thread was rather negative & thanks for keeping it open, happy week to all

Regards, Annie aka starluck aka stardust

  Forum Editor 23:21 21 Oct 2012

It was negative because that's the way people see it. Everyone is entitled to a personal opinion. The reason the thread was locked is because we were being targeted by people who,like you, appeared to register with us purely so they could post an almost identical promotional message to yours.

I suspect this thread will go the same way.

  starluck 18:59 23 Oct 2012

Thanks, I am about to post a query about an un-responsive script when it happens again!! I was not promoting I put no link but I will say I'm another 300$ better off since I last posted which can't be bad!

Regards Annie aka stardust aka starluck

  wee eddie 21:43 23 Oct 2012

In your dreams

  starluck 20:52 24 Oct 2012

not too sure what you meant I am doing well with BB & I have not lost any money

  Forum Editor 23:53 24 Oct 2012

"I am doing well with BB & I have not lost any money"

That's wonderful, but what's the point of all this?

  bjh 09:47 25 Oct 2012

It gives every appearance of being a Ponzi, pyramid, MLM and a scam. Also, one that is near the end, and will soon collapse, as so many identical products have done over the years. When it started, it described itself as the "World's First Straightline Cycler Doubler".... that's double-speak for a pyramid. It has now resorted to those members in the know selling off their "shares" to other members down the line - at up to 75% discount! Not something one would do with a viable business. Sure, some people will leave with a profit. A few of those that started the whole caper will vanish as if they never existed, with an absolute fortune. From the internet traffic, most of these appear to be based in Russia. Then, there are the professionals who market the deal - paid professionally to take the risk and take the blame; next down are the early-entrants who know exactly what they are doing, but will pretend they didn't when it folds. There is then a huge variety of later entrants, ranging from the gullible, the easily-lead, the desperate, the ill-informed and the plain greedy. Most of those will lose heavily, often money they can ill-afford to lose.

These schemes are not harmless. As an individual, one might enter one early, knowing one is likely to leave with a profit, but have only invested what you can afford to lose. However, if you do leave with a profit, you need to question where your money has come from. These schemes ruin lives - they even cause people to commit suicide when they lose more than they can afford. Your profit may have come from such a person. It's much like the drug industry, or the p0rn industry; might be harmless enough at the point you use it, but hardly so at the point of origin, with organised crime often at the heart of it.

In the case of Banners Broker, their claim is that they are marketing online adverts. However, there are almost no adverts, and all that there are appear to be based on one internet site, with a possible total revenue of well under a million pounds, only some of which could possibly head to BB. Indeed, I even emailed their advertising sales department, using a work email address (a certain massive Pfarma company...), asking for advertising rates and the like. Given that the address clearly came from a huge company (1.2 billion dollars on advertising last year), you'd have thought I'd have had a response... Nope. Nothing.

Indeed, all the ads that I (and colleagues on another Forum) have traced advertise.... Banners Broker itself!

There is a huge thread on this at Click here for thread Be warned, the thread is 50 odd pages long (and contains links to 30-odd pages of a thread from, another forum), so there's plenty of reading material out there.

You'll see posters like starluck all over various fora, trying to suck mugs in below them, as it boosts their profits when someone signs up under their name. I would use some choice words to describe such people, but on this polite Forum, that would rightly get the F.E. to use the silver mouse... I think he'd allow "scum" as a description, however.

Apologies for the long post, but I would hate to see any more of our Forum Members conned into joining. If you are contemplating doing so, read, do a Google search (but look on pages 3 onwards, not the "packed" results on the early pages), try to find any support from financial journalists on known newspapers... If you really want to lose some money, just burn it - or donate it to a charity!

  bjh 09:57 25 Oct 2012

One reason for posting the lengthy tome above is that, a Google search for "Bannersbroker scam" now brings this up on the first page, as the sixth result. Many of the other search results are "packed" by Banners Broker members to hide such information.

  finerty 00:47 26 Oct 2012

All because you claim to make money im sure there are others who r not convinced however much you try to con-vince. A con is a con and there is recession on and people don't have to part with there hard earned savings or salaries.=, if they choose not to.

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