Banners Genuine or not. Update.

  Sapins 09:25 01 Apr 2013

I am pleased to say that, after six months, I have now gone through all the stages of Banners Broker and everything has worked just as it said it would.

I have withdrawn and spent 30% of my initial starting amount and I have a further 150% of that amount available to withdraw immediately if I wish to do that.

I can find no evidence whatsoever of any “scam”, it is certainly not a Pyramid Scheme or a Ponzie as there are no elements from those found in Banners Broker. For example; You do not have to recruit anyone and in fact I have not done so.

Banners Broker has now been going for two and a half years and has over 400,000 affiliates world wide. You can also e-mail, telephone or write to contact support and they publish the addresses of all their offices. They have, and will continue to, organise seminars in various countries at which you can speak to all the people who run it.

I am happy to continue and I am confident my account will grow quite rapidly now I have tested it thoroughly.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:56 01 Apr 2013

I hope this thread is related to today's date....

  Forum Editor 12:41 01 Apr 2013

"I have a further 150% of that amount available to withdraw immediately if I wish to do that."

Then why not try doing it? Your money is in someone else's hands. It would be far safer in the bank.

Do you know on which sites your banners are running? Try asking the company for that information - you won't get it.

As long as people like you continue to fund the business it will obviously continue, but if large numbers of people try to withdraw 'their' funds there will be problems.

  tullie 14:34 01 Apr 2013

As FE has mentioned,can you let us know the sites that your banners are running?

  finerty 21:04 01 Apr 2013

Excuse me theer are other threads on this subject, i though we just stick to one rather than start another advertising thread to let people know you are advertising your facts.

  Sapins 08:36 02 Apr 2013

finerty, read the title.

I said I would post an update and I have. I know what I know and I am continuing with the company. It won't make any difference to the doubters what I say, therefore, I will finish with this thread. Thank you all for your comments.


  Forum Editor 19:37 02 Apr 2013

I know what I know and I am continuing with the company

That is of course a matter for you to decide. All I can do is urge you to consider your course of action very carefully. I would hate to see you lose any money over this.

When you have a few spare minutes take a look at this

  nickf 23:36 02 Apr 2013

Am I just being a little silly ? IF BB was such a brilliant idea , surely ALL online advertisers would be using the same business model , and we would all be squillionares ! I think its a case of pigs all fuelled up , and ready for take off .

  Nontek 18:56 03 Jun 2013

I am all for Free Speech, but very surprised that FE has not put a Lock on this thread!

  bjh 09:58 04 Jun 2013

I believe I can jump off a five storey building without harming myself. I don't believe all those who say it will be risky, or who have tried something similar and hurt themselves. Equally, I don't want to check out the evidence first. Think I'll be cool calm and collected, and try it. Will report back with my success story when I'm done...

  bjh 10:00 04 Jun 2013

Having genuinely and honestly just jumped off a five storey building myself, I'm delighted to report back that it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had, and I am now richer, healthier and more successful in every way. I recommend this to every gullible idiot out there. I've yet to work out a way that I can cash in on this new venture, but I'll get there soon.

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