banks building soc

  feredo 00:45 20 Dec 2006

anyone know do they open between 28th and 1st jan asusual
just need to know as not sre how many days to clear a cheque when paid into acc

  €dstowe 06:32 20 Dec 2006

Errr.. Why not ask the bank?

  ICF 07:46 20 Dec 2006

Yes they usaully open between Christmas day and New Years day 27th,28th,29th and some Sat 30th

  grumpygramp 12:54 20 Dec 2006

Cheques normally clear in 4 "Working" days

  Stuartli 13:10 20 Dec 2006

It can be three.

  Stuartli 13:12 20 Dec 2006

Many banks have a scheme whereby you put cheques in an envelope and post them in a special box at the branch at any time.

Dealt with the same day/next morning and saves queuing up at a particularly busy time of the year.

  feredo 23:10 20 Dec 2006

thanks for the reply,except €dstowe, he seems to miss the point of this forum
I asked because it was 1am and the bank was closed

  Little Flower 23:32 20 Dec 2006

You'd have thought that was the sort of info they'd have on their online banking pages but it's not for mine or hubby's at least.

  Kate B 01:13 21 Dec 2006

feredo, the clue is in the title of the website - PC Advisor. Nobody minds the odd unrelated-to-PCs thread but generally consumer issues to do with computers are talked about here, not any old consumer subject. €dstowe has been a member of this forum since, oooh, dinosaurs roamed the earth, so I'm pretty sure he hasn't missed the point of the forum ;)

  jimmybond 02:31 21 Dec 2006

maybe this forum would do the trick

click here

you can logon and ask them what time the chip shop is open till ;-)

  €dstowe 06:35 21 Dec 2006

I hadn't missed the point at all. As Kate B points out a clue to the purpose of this forum lies in the title.

The place to ask if a bank is open at a particular time is the organisation itself. Waiting a few hours to obtain this will not make any difference to anything except, perhaps, your anxiety.

You brought our attention to the fact that you posted in the middle of the night. You may also care to note that mine was the first reply - several hours later. During this time you could have checked the bank's website for the information or, perhaps phoned your bank's 24 hour customer service - most banks have this nowadays. Failing that, you might have waited just a short time longer and phoned the UK response team rather than one based overseas.

I normally try to be helpful in my writings to these pages but some people make that very difficult. I stand by what I wrote originally - the information you requested is most easily obtained from the people who really know - the bank itself.

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