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Bank on Line - R U Happy with ther security

  SparkyJack 12:13 04 Feb 2012

Over the years this topic been much discussed.

Inevitably my input put has been- I never bank on line- because of my view that a new security measure is soon breached,

Tho days Click on BBC or on the web seems to amplify my view.

enter link description here

  Pine Man 13:47 04 Feb 2012

I have no problem whatsoever with on line banking.

All of my savings, banking accounts and credit cards are managed on line and over the last 10 to 15 years I only had a problem with one credit card that was not down to a breach of on line security. I also do most of my purchasing on line without any problems and run all of my household and car insurances on line as well.

I do find it strange that some people will not bank on line from the safety of their own home but are happy to access ATMs in public. Similarly those same people are often happy to pass all of their credit card details on line to various companies to purchase products.

Clearly nothing is fool proof but the, minimal risk, in my opinion, is worth it for convenience and to obtain improved interest rates and cheaper prices.

  Wuggy 13:48 04 Feb 2012

I completely agree with Pine Man.

  SparkyJack 16:57 04 Feb 2012

Pineman and Wuggy

Quite agree with the ATM issue also- however it is alo easy to get round that one- certainly in my case

When I do the weekly shop- I live alone and my cash needs are modest- I simply take 'Cash Back' when I pay by debit pcard.

  spuds 17:06 04 Feb 2012

I use on-line payment methods for settling credit cards I use, but it did make me rather concerned when trying to pay Barclaycard over a period of three months last year. There were problems with Barclays verification procedures. Checking this problem with Barclaycard, I was merely informed that they knew about the problem, and that they would deal with it as what appeared to be a non-priority issue?.

Since then,it would appear 'safety maintenance' as been done, and as a result I have never been asked by the Barclays safeguard procedures to verify, and payments have been made without verification?.

  Pine Man 17:18 04 Feb 2012

'I simply take 'Cash Back' when I pay by debit pcard'

A transaction that is carried out on line through the shops computer system;-)

  Bald Eagle 03:36 05 Feb 2012

I have dealt for years with 2 UK banks and 1 French bank online with no problems. Useful for when I bring things out to Brittany for friends.I tell them the cost they go online with their bank and transfer money either in €'s or GBP. Simples.

  sunnystaines 09:27 05 Feb 2012

I completely agree with Pine Man too

  morddwyd 09:29 05 Feb 2012

Are banks happy with their own security?

I have been using Rapport, as recommended by my bank, for some time, but this last week they suggested I use AVG, and offered a sis months subscription free trial!

  morddwyd 20:16 07 Feb 2012

So have I.

Just a bit surprised that my bank should be pushing it along with with Rapport.

  HondaMan 11:26 09 Feb 2012

I have always declined to use thte bank's own security, Rapport, preferring instead to use my own, AVG! I also have software that checks for other "nasties" like keyloggers and a full scan of my system is done overnight at least 4 times each week.

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