Bank fraud

  niky901 15:07 21 Jul 2014

Hi, I've been frauded last year on ebay,receiveng an email from Ebay Buyer Protection asking me to do the payment as it was safe and I was protected up to £10,000.The transaction I did was £4,800 and I paid this sum at the bank cashier point.It was a scam.I realized few days later and I called the Auction Fraud and also I went to bank telling them about it and a bank worker checked and told me the account holder I paid to wasn't the first fraud,being registred with the other one before for £2,700.After a week their manager asked me the name of person who gave me this information and I didn't give any name as I didn't wite down his name and after few days she called me and told that they had a meeting and noone found to be blamed for,even the person who gave me the infos assured me that the bank is going to refund me 100%.I found somtehing being strange in this story and I didn't know whom I should adress this question. Hopping you can help me with suggestion at least,I wish you my best regards. Thank you

  spuds 15:46 21 Jul 2014

There's a number of questions that require legal advice, that you have raised, so I would suggest that you contact your nearest Citizens Advice or Law Centre for further advice and help.

Here's there telephone number 0345 404 0506, and for more details click here

  spuds 15:48 21 Jul 2014

Whoops link error - try click here

  bumpkin 16:57 21 Jul 2014

Sorry but from your posting it is difficult to understand what has actually happened.

  Forum Editor 18:15 21 Jul 2014

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  iscanut 21:43 22 Jul 2014

I am lost as well. Difficult to follow the sequence of events. What dis you buy, was it on E Bay, why did you not use PayPal, why raise the issue now if it was last year, etc.....More info please.

  Ex plorer 00:08 23 Jul 2014

Hi its not very easy to read can you try and put it into short sentences.

I will try and piece it together.

To the best of my knowledge the official eBay site would not email you and ask you to make a bank payment to a customer.

They Don't advise direct or private buying as you have no protection should anything go wrong. All Payments have to go through PayPal.

You called Action Fraud what did they say!.

Next you went to the bank for advise of your payment.

They held a meeting.

No one at the bank was found at fault for the transaction you wanted to make, they did as you asked.

You have no idea of the cashiers name who told you about the first fraud.

The bank promised you a full refund regardless of no fault on there part.

I would assume you have had the refund by now as its more than eight months ago.

What is the main reason of bringing it up now.

  Batch 16:20 28 Jul 2014

I suspect this might be yet another spam posting

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