Bad luck with Medion?

  Vale Blue 10:32 28 Nov 2008

At the start of October I bit the financial bullet and decided to replace my old pc with the Medion Akoya MD8396 from Aldi. I arrived early, got one, then packed my old set-up and set up the shiny new kit. With great anticipation, I switched on pc and new flat screen monitor/tv... and to cut a very long story short, didn't even get Vista to load. Tried the restore CD with the pc, the Tech Support helpline, but zip. So repacked it and took it back to Aldi (for a refund as they had sold out and couldn't replace it, of course). Yesterday, I went through a similar procedure and purchased the Medion Akoya P7300D, spent half a day and long phone calls to Tech Support, but still haven't managed to see Vista load. This time they are going to get a chance to repair or replace and it is being collected on Monday. I am very unimpressed and wonder if I have spent my hard-earned unwisely.

Is this just bad luck or has anyone else suffered this kind of problem?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:17 28 Nov 2008

To have one Medion fail is unusual, to have two with the same failure and I would be looking closer to home. Medion are excellent machines with a good reputation for reliability.


  Vale Blue 12:11 28 Nov 2008

Thanks for the quick reply, Gandalf. I am reassured by your comment on general reliability.
However, I am not sure what you mean about 'looking closer to home'. The process of unpacking boxes, connecting a pc and monitor to each other and a power supply and then switching on (especially when there is an instruction leaflet) does not seem unnecessarily complex and open to error. I manage to feed and clothe myself and even communicate with other sentient beings both orally and using the written word, so had assumed that I might also be capable of following the instructions in the box. The only instructions that I have not been able to follow are the ones that should have appeared on screen, but never got there.

But perhaps you are suggesting that there is something more magical, that we mere mortals cannot comprehend? Something that, like Frodo's quest, requires the powers of a wizard to complete?

Or are you saying I'm thick?

  jolorna 12:36 28 Nov 2008

did anything show on the monitor, and if so what showed as you said vista didn't load

  Vale Blue 13:05 28 Nov 2008

After an Intel logo appeared, various scripts scrolled past faster than the eye could see, but I did note 'AHCI BIOS installed' before the screen just blaked and didn't show anything else until half an hour later I turned it off. I went through everything several times with Medion Tech Support, including trying to boot from the Applications and Support Disk for over an hour and a half before we called it a day and arranged for the pc to be collected. Hopefully, it will all be sorted over the next two weeks and I will be a happy Medion user. It's just a bit irritating to pay £500 two weeks in advance for a pc.

  jolorna 13:25 28 Nov 2008

sounds like vista might not have been installed

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:52 28 Nov 2008

I see the universities are at home for Xmas and I was not implying that you were as thick as JW100. I was merely pointing out that if I had bought 2 computers that were regarded as good quality and they both had the SAME fault, then I would be checking everything at my end to be certain.

jw100: I would suggest that you deal with your apparent problems first rather than trying to second guess (and failing miserably) what others mean.


  jw100 19:26 28 Nov 2008

I am neither thick nor second guessing the intent of your snide remark. This forum is littered with similiar examples. You are one pompous idiot.

  daveeb 18:52 29 Nov 2008

I've had many pc's over the years, including a medion (Titanium 8386) I got 3 and a half years ago from Aldi. From week 1 it was freezing up intermittently. I had various engineer visits who replaced the mobo and memory but couldn't solve the problem. Eventually after 2 years I discovered it was the slave drive sata connection that was causing it and by using a different sata socket I could solve the problem. This however has resulted in regular usb failure, so i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know a lot of people think highly of them but if you're unlucky enough to get a bad one then you'll find yourself doing a lot of googling. I've just got a nice new pc and no it definitely wasn't from Aldi.

  Jameslayer 23:24 29 Nov 2008

I was going to get one of those PCs. As it was recomended by several people here. And on other forums I looked at using google. I just wonder if I had a lucky escape or you are just unlucky.

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