Bad Evesham Customer Service

  AtlasCronos 01:44 31 Mar 2005

I bought a Netgear 54MB wireless USB 2.0 adapter from Evesham. I did not use the product, instead I used an Ethernet cable for a better connection. Within two weeks, I went to return the unused, but opened product. They did not return the product. Instead, they kept me in the store for over 30 minutes while discussing the problem over the phone. After several negotiations, they only agreed to take the product back for "lab investigation". They gave me a receipt, and said they would call in a few days with a decision about my refund. I did not agree to give my product back empty handed. I was not informed verbaly or in writing of their return policy: there is nothing printed on the Invoice regarding returns. Now, I have a product I do not need. Therefore, I am a very un-satisfied customer. I would never think to buy anything larger, in fear of a faulty product with no return policy.

Let me get this straight.You bought a product from Evesham, and two weeks later decided you didn't want it, and are now upset because you didn't get an instant refund. If you didn't need the product - why did you buy it? If you were unsure it was what you wanted, why did you not do some research,or even ask Evesham for advice?

  HondaMan 09:01 31 Mar 2005

You should have read their terms and conditions which are clearly linked on their home page before ordering. Sorry, its your problem, not theirs.

  pauldonovan 09:15 31 Mar 2005

...they can't sell it as new now as you opened it, would you want to buy a product someone else had opened at full price?

  helmetshine 10:28 31 Mar 2005

You say that Evesham have no returns policy on faulty products....where did that come from,you never returned a faulty product,you returned one you purchased,opened and kept for two weeks before deciding you didn't need it.What makes you think Evesham are or should be under any obligation to give you a refund in those circumstances.
To be honest..if the word service was removed from the title of this thread i feel it would more accurately described the contents of your posting

  Lettervanman 11:47 31 Mar 2005

AS it was opened how are they going to resell it?
Would you buy something that was opened and chance that it worked o.k. Certainly not at full price!

  jbp1982 12:59 31 Mar 2005

Unwanted good being refunded is at the stores discretion, either way. You are not entitled to your money back just because you changed your mind.

Most stores that offer refunds of unwanted goods, like Argos' 16 money back guarantee for example, State "this is in addition to your statutory rights".

  jbp1982 13:01 31 Mar 2005

should read "16 day money back guarantee"

  anchor 13:42 31 Mar 2005

The above comments say it all. Put yourself in Evesham`s place; if you had a shop and someone wanted a full refund on an "opened" item purely for personal reasons, would you give it?. I know I would not, and I doubt anyone would.

Had it been faulty, or unopened and in its original packing, then it would be a different story. They offered to check if a fault existed, which you declined; why?.

Re: Argos return policy; their web site states:

"We give you 16 days to decide whether the products you have bought from us are just what you need. If they're not, we'll either exchange them or offer a full refund. You can either return them to any store within 16 days of delivery, unused in their original packaging, together with the receipt or order number, or we can arrange to collect it free of charge".

NB: "unused in their original packaging".

  DarthFletcher 00:26 25 Dec 2005

I bought my PC im using now from Evesham - I have good and bad things to say about the company technical support.

I placed the order for a £800+ desktop PC just the tower alone and have Win XP Pro installed , since I was upgrading and was used to the nVidia systems I decided to buy a pc with a G-Force 6600 256mb PCI-E. the reason being my old pc was starting to crash a lot on games and not matter how many times I swapped tested I was getting no where. So this PC arrives I check all contents and ticked on my sheet to say what I had got. went upstairs and set the PC up and then installed my security packages etc... and get it feeling like my PC and then installed the only 2 games I ever play [at the time] Star Wars Galaxies and Battle Front 1. The game did the same has what my old pc did kill the machine in mins of playing, so I was straight on to tech support and said what needed to be said and this nice guy on phone said oh its the 64bit chipset causing issues with XP Pro turn a setting off in performance - so I did and then tried my game, it did the same, to prove it wasnt my games was not fault I installed Doom 3 and Half Life 2 and let them try - again the crash arrived. so instead of calling support im a techie I formatted the system and then reinstalled everything barring the ATI drivers for the onboard graphics - and then attempted my games again - low and behold they crashed - so onto the phone again telling the new guy what I had done - not believeing I was capable of formatting my own PC he told me to do it all again, this is when I started telling this guy that I work for a large computer shop on customer services and tech I wanted my graphics card swapped has that seemed to be the likely cause - the guy was adamanet that I had to format the pc and contact them again when the system had been cleared to get the "correct" way of installing drivers from a CD whats marked "drivers" and then after another call PC set up and the system did the same - I was straight back on the phone - this time I had a page up about the NV4_DISP error which was re-occuring and something about the instability it cuases Win XP so I was telling this guy what I was reading and saying to him ok I am willing to allow your company to rob £20 off me to give me the ATI X300 PCI-E card and he was saying we cant support software thats what the issue was, so at this stage I had flipped - wasnt yelling at him simply put 7days not fit for purpose, 14 days travel of goods and 28 days faulty I was wanting the pc fixed or they was getting it back.

They finally arranged for a techy to come out and test the system for me - the tech that came out was fantastic and I think he knew where - we did multiple tests and then he agreed that the issue was the NV4_DISP issue and that all the company had done was sent a new card nVidia 6600 so he said look if it crashes run the onboard no matter how much it pains you but if you get a solid 2hrs more than now then you have a good claim against them to swap the card. So you guessed it PCI-E card crashes and out it came and then playing on an ATI onboard for the 1st time in ages I could play my games to a degree - next morning on the phone to them asking that they would change the card completely for a ATI model or take the complete lot back after 20mins on phone they finally agreed.

about 4 days later out came the same dude as before and this time with an ATI X600 Pro 256mb PCI-E which to me has been the best thing ever and since never had any issues with the PC - it was really the engineer that kept me calm and not really mad. It nice to see someone do the running for you for a change instead of the other way round like it can be in PCW where I work.

  red1977 08:31 28 Apr 2010

still worried about this after 5 years? You dont hold a grudge then!

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