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  VNAM75 16:37 14 Apr 2009

I purchased a domain name (£9.20) from them last night but I selected the wrong package and asked for a refund. They refused and were quite rude. I was basically told tough, its your fault. I accept if I purchase a wrong product/service due to my own mistake, not becuase of a fault with the product/service, I am not entitled to a refund. Fair enough, but is that policy any way to run any reputable company let alone an online one? The lady I spoke to was rude and arrogant.

This is the complaint I sent them:

I purchased a domain name yesterday and contacted you today (around 1.40pm) for a refund because I'd mistakenly thought your litemail package included web hosting.

The lady told me I was not entitled to a refund (after being told I was - she checked with someone else) because it was my mistake and the litemail package stated it does not include web hosting. I pointed out that the reference to 100mb storage space could have referred to web hosting space and your marketing is not fully clear.

I accept you will not allow a refund after being told so firmly but my complainst is towards the service attitude of the lady I spoke to. I told her that it was a simple mistake that I'd selected the wrong package, but this is partly due to the unclear wording in your website description of your litemail package.

I was told by her repeatedly:

"You assumed litemail included web hosting" Well that is because your wording is not clear. I did point out that the 100mb storage could include web hosting space as well as email.

"You should have read the terms and conditions" Well yes, but the customer should still be able to see clearly that litemail does not include webhosting without having to go through extra links on your site.

"You should have called customer services" Yes, but as above. Why isn't it clearer on the site? Why does the customer have to go to that extra work?

Her tone was slightly aggressive, arrogant, dismissive, stubborn (refusal to admit it is the customer who judges how good your site is not her). I told her that I was no longer after a refund because I had chose the wrong package, fair enough. But I tried to point out that her attitude and refund policy does not do your company any favours because of the refusal to offer a refund due to the simple mistake I'd made by choosing the wrong package. But like I said above, her tone was dismissive and arrogant.

I have purchased from Amazon, Ebuyer and Crucial amongst many others. If I purchase the wrong product I am offered a no questions asked refund or replacement on any unused product. I am not told "you should have read the terms and contions, you should have rang customer services, you assumed it was the right product". Crucial even offer to refund the delivery charge.

I state again, I am not after a refund now. It is only £9.20 but for the sake of that amount you are not doing your reputation any favours. OK, you incurred a registration charge on the domain name, but why wasn't a part refund offered? I find that your service falls well below the standards of a reputable online company. I will be publicing this as a consumer issue on a well know IT forum.

  Kemistri 19:44 14 Apr 2009

There are terms in consumer law that relate to products or services that are not clearly described to the point at which you are misled into buying something that was not what you thought it was. If you change your mind and decide to push for a refund, that would be the angle to take.

My advice is to sell the domain.

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