zootmo 14:23 02 Sep 2004

We all need to do it, and it’s a chore right? Not now it isn’t, yesterday I got an external hard drive from ebuyer it’s a Maxtor “one touch” drive and it does exactly what it says on the box.

I’ll bet I’ve spent hours burning CD’s and lately DVD’s to make backups of my files, yesterday I pressed one button to backup my whole system and had a cup of tea while the whole lot backed up.

For anyone who is in need of an easy backup solution, I urge you to try a Maxtor one touch drive, I couldn’t believe how simple it was to use!

I’ll also recommend ebuyer click here& I received my drive 23 hours after ordering it. Now that’s service that cannot be faulted!

To touch on another issue, since my drive is a “combo” version I tried USB2 and then a Firewire connection to the drive. Now, I thought there would be little difference in transfer speeds but to my amazement Firewire is much faster than USB2. I’ve never used the Firewire connection on my computer until now but I’ll use nothing else now.

  stalion 21:46 02 Sep 2004

thanks for the info have added the site to my favourites for near future use

  zincy 16:30 03 Sep 2004

hi there,

i heard there was an issue with it being too hot when you leave it too long? is this the case?
and how heavy is it?


  Mango Grummit 02:28 04 Sep 2004

zootmo, Spot-ON

I started with one, now have more (well more than one is all I'm admitting to).

They are a tad expensive compared to many forms of REALLY SAFE backups for yer-average Joe User but without a shadow of doubt a good investment.

I still do a backup to a CD though each month since when it comes to backups ..... well, you never know..... I didn't once but I do now.

Maxtor.. yes, yes goferit.



  zootmo 12:41 04 Sep 2004

I,ve had the Maxtor for several days now, so that it has been running for extended periods. Heat build up is not a problem, also the drive can be configured to go to standby mode after a period which you specify.

Weight is 1.4 kg so it's not exactly light but it is portable. More info on specs click here

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