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Backing up My Docs etc to HDD

  450223 05:24 18 Feb 2016

I'd like to find software (ideally freeware) that will auto back up my docs and perhaps Favorites list to a HDD, But so I can customise the back up. I need to be able to see my docs and sub folders as they normally appear. All the software I have tried seem to put everything into one lump, with an odd file extention. Any ideas please, many thanks.

  alanrwood 09:52 18 Feb 2016

Try FBackup. It is free.

  robin_x 21:20 18 Feb 2016

Double click the 'odd' file extension, and the common Image backups will 'Mount'.

Then you can explore, copy and paste to your heart's content.

Google "where is my browser profile" to see where your bookmarkas, addons and extensions are stored.


Whatt app did you use to make your 'lump' images?

It really is the best bombproof method.

Just copying Docs isn't.

  Bailifei 09:17 19 Feb 2016

I think a file sync software might suit you better. It can sync your files to cloud or to another computer. Try goodsync for this. But if you really need to backup to hard drive, you may either copy and paste by hand or use backup software to create images. A backup software like easeus todo backup freeware can automatically backup files into hard drive.

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