Awful Evesham computers experience.

  24bitkid 12:08 30 Nov 2004

My first post here and I wish it was a happier one. Last week I ordered an Evesham PC online. This particular machine had been given some good reviews in the PC press. I altered the specification to include two hard disks, floppy drive and ZS Platinum soundcard. The soundcard, I was promised, would have a rear midi/joystick port and on checking the Creative website I noticed that it should have one.

The machine was delivered to my home address yesterday.

I am not quite sure what Evesham are playing at, but they sure aren't interested in making a good first impression. The first thing I notice when I opened the box was that the Trust wireless keyboard and mouse I had ordered (and paid extra for) was not present. There was no indication as to why these were not enclosed – but as I had sold my old machine, I had no option but to go to PC World and buy a Logitech keyboard and mouse at a cost of £35.00. Looking round the back of the machine I noticed there was no midi/joystick port despite paying an extra £120 +VAT for this sound card.

Not too worried I carried on installing the machine into my study and was surprised on first boot up that I did not have to activate my new copy of Windows.

I spent most of the last night transferring my many photographs, personal documents and files across from my external USB drive and onto the new Evesham – this took a considerable amount of time but finally the machine was configured the way I like it.

Later on I began to examine the machine in some detail. Firstly, I noticed the floppy drive had been carelessly fitted (with only one screw holding it in place). Secondly, as my machine has two hard drives (with no raid) I was intrigued as to why there was a second Windows directory and the D drive. Delving deeper I then found personal files, pictures, music and settings from another user called Philip. Analysing the drive further, it became apparent that I had been given somebody else's 'rejected' master hard drive. This rejected drive had not been formatted but merely placed in my machine as a slave. There is a considerable amount of personal stuff like pictures and music downloads, cookies etc on the D drive that sure does not belong to me.

I haven't had time to look at the drive further, but I am sure this 'Philip' would be most interested in learning that his rejected drive is alive and well in someone else's machine.

Furthermore, having two Windows directories on one machine, is not advisable and I really do wonder what sort of testing (if any) this machine went through before despatch.

I emailed Evesham rejecting the computer. They have emailed me back saying, it will take two days to deal with my complaint.

This is quite appalling service and buying a new machine with someone else's data on it is totally unacceptable.

Future Evesham customers – beware!

  anchor 12:31 30 Nov 2004

Your other alternative is to reject the machine under the Distance Selling Regulations. You have 7 days to do this.

  wjrt 12:41 30 Nov 2004

going by many previous examples it might be wise to send your rejection in writing by special delivery asap as if only done by e-mail might encounter problems

  anchor 12:56 30 Nov 2004

wjrt is correct. If you decide to reject the machine send your letter by Special Delivery as soon as possible.

Perhaps PCA might also be interested to note the fact that a second hand hard drive was supplied with another persons data on it. I seem to recall PCA previously asked for further information on this. We have read about it happening at PCW, but now Evesham are doing it. Scandalous!.

If Evesham are still monitoring this site, their representative may care to comment.

  24bitkid 15:52 30 Nov 2004

Had a phonecall from Evesham this afternoon. Will take the machine back and refund. Also reimbursed me for the keyboard and mouse I had to buy.

  Evesham Support 16:19 30 Nov 2004

We are very sorry to hear of the problems 24bitkid has had with his computer. Having discussed the situation with him this afternoon we have agreed to provide him with a full refund.

Whilst we regret to lose 24bitkid’s custom on this occasion, we can understand and appreciate his comments. We are obviously very concerned to hear that a second hand hard disk has somehow made its way into our production process, and upon return of the computer we hope to learn how this had happened. We are also happy to credit 24bitkid the extra cost he had paid for the keyboard and mouse which were missing from his order.

We do feel that this situation has fallen short of our usual high standards, and would like to thank 24bitkid for bringing this matter to our attention. We hope to be able to use this situation as an example in order to assist us in avoiding such a reoccurrence in the future.

  anchor 16:28 30 Nov 2004

Well, at least Evesham have responded promptly, hopefully to your satisfaction.

  simonp1 17:22 30 Nov 2004


Just make sure you wipe off all your personal information from the HD..well you never know it might get resold.

  anchor 09:31 01 Dec 2004

I am puzzled how it could be possible a second hand hard disc found it way into a new PC. Surely new ones have some form of wrapper, even if its only a plastic bag. That fact alone should surely have indicated something wrong.

Then if the machine had any form of efficient checking, the presence of files on the second hard disc should have sounded alarm bells.

The quality control at Evesham seems to be slipping badly. To add insult to injury their first e-mail reply stated that it would take 2 days to deal with the complaint.

24bitkid: I don`t envy you the laborious task of installing all your data again on the new PC you eventually buy. As simonp1 says, ensure you wipe all your own data off the HD. I suggest that you leave Philip`s data on, for Evesham to see.

  24bitkid 12:08 01 Dec 2004

Thanks for your comments.

I can't understand how this could happen either. It is obvious that my D drive has been someone Else's C drive, as it has various directories like Kodak Easyshare, HP printing devices, Symantec Antivirus and it also looks as if it had a SP2 install. Some files date back to September 04. There are also pictures and a whole shed of music tracks. Added to that there are some cookies (with some interesting websites!)

Before I packed it all up I spent ages deleting all the files and settings I had put on, then decided to wipe the free space on both drives.

I have left all the directories on the D drive and Philip's user account for Evesham to look at. They are picking up the machine tomorrow.

Out of curiosity I had a quick look inside the case and noticed that the two hard drives seemed to have the same numbers on a green sticky label. So where the mix up has come from, I don't know.

It is worrying though. When buying a new PC, it never occurred to me that some of the parts maybe have been re-used. Sure makes you think.

Just hope my refund is processed quickly, then I can go through the whole rigmarole again as to deciding which machine and spec to buy!

  961 19:29 01 Dec 2004

Evesham have promised a full refund

Why not just accept that sometime things go wrong

We all have a pear shaped day occasionally

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