awaiting the Evesham engineer

  rickylea 22:06 05 Feb 2003

To cut a long story short, I've got an Evesham PC less than 3 months old and the heatsink fan-casing has broke (fractured).
So I rang Evsham Tech. support who have given my details to one off their engineers who should contact me within 2 days to book an appointment to fix the problem.
Guess what.... two days are up and no phone call.
I will call them first thing tomorrow (in the queue for another 15mins).
Anyhow has anyone else had this trouble before with their customer service?
And come to think of it has anyone had the same part fail on them through buying an Evesham PC?

  spuds 22:15 05 Feb 2003

Do Evesham use their own engineers, or do they contract out.The reason that I ask this question,is due to an incident that I had a year ago.My computer had developed a fault, and the work was contracted out to a third party company, which resulted in a 'prolonged' wait.Eventually the problem was solved.

  tran1 00:00 06 Feb 2003

About 2 weeks ago, my hard drive failed and I had to contact Evesham to get it replaced. They phoned me on my mobile within two days and the engineer came on time.

I'd say Evesham support is exellent.

  hoverman 07:10 06 Feb 2003

I too have had excellent response for on-site warranty work with the engineer calling when they said he would. Rickylea, can't see the connection between a failed component and Evesham. They, like all companies, just assemble items that are made by others, although I assume they do inspect items before they are installed.

  powerless 08:40 06 Feb 2003

Same part failing twice on you as bad luck.

  Carrot 10:03 06 Feb 2003

I had a problem with Evesham when their Help line technician failed to log my call and no one rang back. However after a further call to their customer service Department they sorted out the problem, appologised and the engineer called a couple of days later to fix my machine.

  markbones 11:07 06 Feb 2003

I used to work for evesham and yes they do use there own engineers and dont contract it out like most companies give their customer services a ring and they should sort it out

  JoeC 12:10 06 Feb 2003

number in an email subject line then email through [email protected] and you will get a quick response. I have done it on a couple of occasions and speedy replies. : }

  rickylea 12:23 06 Feb 2003

Thanks Joec
will do that..........i'll let you now how i get on

  Jonathan314159 14:12 06 Feb 2003

I had a problem on a new computer from Evesham in Nov 2002 - given their high rating for customer service I had expected more - eg someone picking up the phone before a 10 minute wait (and even then only to be promised a call back. The solution to this seemed to be to ring the Cust Serv line - at least the phone got picked up quickly. (Strangely the quickest pick up is on the Sales line!) The engineer did not come on the day agreed, and it took me calling all morning to find out he wasn't coming.

Having said that he came the next day, and replaced the part without any question. Given everything I've read on this site, I guess the service was good compared to many experiences that people have had with other suppliers, but it still leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.

  oresome 21:44 06 Feb 2003

A few years ago Currys used to offer £20 if they didn't turn up at the stated time. And yes I did get my £20.
MFI offered 10% back if the order wasn't delivered on time. Sure enough, I got my 10% back.
Sadly, neither company now offers any such recompense for failure to live up to their promises.
Pity there isn't a quick and straightforward way of getting recompense from any company that doesn't answer the phone in a reasonable time or fails to meet their obligations in other ways.

The MD might be asking the service director why he's giving all the money away.

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