Nibblerman 19:22 30 Jun 2007

weve had this company call us a few days ago basicly offering us a reduction on our outgoings for bills for example we pay out £350 per month for bills they stated they could beat that if we disclosed all our debts to them & bank account details,we was kinda taken in by them but today my wife got sick of them calling yesterday they called NINE TIMES..!! then today they called SIX times before 4 olclock this afternoon,my wife told the guy on the phone that she was sick of them calling us then the guy on the phone asked to speak to me but my wife said i was out so he raised his voice at her & then demanded she put me on then my wife shouted at him "WHY" & the guy on the phone then said he wanted to make sure that we both didnt want to use there services,kinda like be-littling my wife she shouted to him we dont want to use them & the guy again shouted at her "I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR HUSBAND NOT YOU..!!"

she then put the phone down & we have intentions of complaining about there agent's.this is terrible.

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  Starfox 20:15 30 Jun 2007

That must have been a rather frightening experience. Was first contact made by them or yourselves?

I ask this because my 80 year old neighbour filled in some sort of form from these people and has been reduced to tears by someone claiming to be one of their agents.

  spuds 20:29 30 Jun 2007

If threats are being made then report this to BT or your telephone service provider. You can also report this to the police for further advice and perhaps action.

Contact with the Telephone Preference Service may also help click here

Baines & Ernst have been around for quite some time, and are fairly well known.

  Nibblerman 22:10 30 Jun 2007

yeah the approached us first but they was so consistant that my wife got fed up telling them "NO", they first called us on tuesday & i recon they must of called us some 70 times & there was a few times that i picked up the phone & i could hear it was a call centre then when the guy's knew it was me they cut the call as its my wife there after dealing with..thankx for your replies "StarFox & Spuds"

  Forum Editor 00:47 01 Jul 2007

by nuisance phone calls there are legal remedies, and in the first instance you should report the matter to the police, and to BT, which has a special department for dealing with nuisance calls.

If you receive further calls, make a careful note of the date and time, and a brief note of what was said. Retain this information.

During any further call, say this to the caller, amnd say it only once - don't stop saying it if the caller tries to interrupt you:

"I find your repeated calls intimidating, and I have no wish to use your company's services. I have reported the matter to the police. Please do not call this number again."

Then put the phone down - do not allow yourself to be drawn into an argument, and under no circumstances lose your temper.

  Nibblerman 01:42 01 Jul 2007

thankx FE..!!

ill do my best

  Fellsider 21:48 03 Jul 2007

I would have thought that the FSA (Financial Services Agency) will have some jurasdiction in this matter.

try this click here and see if there is anything there to help you.

  keef66 13:51 06 Jul 2007

there is strangely no mention of the FSA on their website. Looks like a company set up to profit from others' financial misfortune / mismanagement.

Thanks for the warning; I'll be keeping the bargepole handy

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