AVG good detection rates or no?

  chocolate cake 20:26 16 Nov 2006

Most people on this forum have very good things to say about AVG free.

I have had an interesting conversation today however that suggests that its detection rate was appallingly low.

I installed the program on my old man's PC a while back after reading several threads on the various forum and, for my peace of mind as well as my dad's sake, wondered if anybody could tell me if there is an independent site that would confirm or refute my colleague's claims.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:18 16 Nov 2006

click here for a look at some test results.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:19 16 Nov 2006

click here for more

  ulrich 21:20 16 Nov 2006

I used to have a £30 a yr AV programme I did get a virus and couldn't get rid of it. I have had AVG free for thr last 2yrs and no viruses, but at the same time AVG hasn't found any so I hope this answers yiour question.

  bluto1 23:03 16 Nov 2006

I`ve used AVG 7 in the past and found it reliable. One virus attack cleaned and cleared. If it wasn`t good the folk on this, the top forum, wouldn`t endorse it. Most of us know that there are lots of good Anti Virus programmes to be bought, and my question is why buy?

  chocolate cake 23:15 16 Nov 2006

Thanks for that Bluto1 and Ulrich. Personally I pay for AV on my PC although the more I read here the less I understand why but, will carry on doing this regardless - "a fool and his money..."

I think that I really needed some reassurance that my old man is really protected using AVG. He was using his PC unprotected for 3 years before I started interfering. I found some good freebies for him that he's very happy with. Tight fisted owd codger that he is.

TY Diodorus; virusbtn seems a very useful site. I'll keep my eye on that one.

  birdface 23:24 16 Nov 2006

After 80 odd scans with AVG not picked up as mutch as a cookie,So I either have the cleanest computer in the UK, Or the detection rate is low,Cant grumble though it is free,

  terryf 23:30 16 Nov 2006

chocolate cake, you say he is tight-fisted but what you fail to realize is that he is saving all his hard-earned pennies to leave to you in (I hope) the far distant future. :-)

  chocolate cake 23:36 16 Nov 2006

With three sisters and a brother the best I can hope for is the varnish from the table. Joking aside he's a good owd boy and i wouldn't like to have recommended some old tat for AV.

  squillary 17:06 19 Nov 2006

I think AVG is probably quite decent, but a question I think people should ask themselves is:

If an AV doesn't prevent a virus coming through and can't detect it on disk and you only ever check with that one program, how do you know it's working rather than simply unable to tell you there's a problem?

The solution might be an occasional visit to a free AV scanning site from each of the various companies to see whether any of them can detect something your own scanner can't.

Inevitably, there's a degree of overlap. There isn't one single program that will prevent everything.

  chocolate cake 17:20 19 Nov 2006

Thanks squillary. I'll try that too.

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