avg 2013

  Jack b 06:03 03 Oct 2012

Has any one had problems instaling Avg 2013 it freezes my computer and the only way to remove it is to start in safe mode and uninstall it from there. I used advanced uninstaller pro which removes registery entries and files left behind. After checking on the avg website it appears a lot of people have issues with this programme. I have reinstalled avg 2012 until this is sorted out. Avg have not announced any fix yet (that I can find) although one user said that disabling the identity protection solves the issue but this is hardly Ideal

  onthelimit1 08:58 03 Oct 2012

I've abandoned AVG after numerous problems over the years. I only use Avast or MSE now (both with no problems at all).

  proudfoot 12:11 03 Oct 2012

I have used AVG free for more than 15 years no problems. I am now using 2013 free, works perfectly.

  The Kestrel 13:25 03 Oct 2012

No problems with AVG 2013 free here. Installed without problems, updates and scans OK.

  Forum Editor 14:16 03 Oct 2012

I have tried to install the 2013 update on two computers - both running Windows 7

On one machine (laptop) everything went smoothly. On the second machine (desktop) there have been problems, and I still can't get the update to install fully. I get an error message telling me that there's a problem with the Windows installer, but that's misleading, the Windows installer works just fine with all other software installations.

Many people have experienced difficulties with this update, and as far as I'm aware AVG hasn't yet come up with a fix.

  Nontek 16:27 04 Oct 2012

I am always wary of phrases such as - we suggest you ... do so and so etc! Who is we?

  onthelimit1 16:52 04 Oct 2012

But where does 'VISTA ANTIVIRUS 2013' come into the equation?! That is a virus, not an antivirus programme!!!

  Jack b 00:29 05 Oct 2012

Vista antivirus ?????? don`t see any mention of this I checked again for response from avg but could not find any and they don`t seem to have a contact email probably because they would be inundated when a anything was detected I have used avg for years but never had a problem before

  Nontek 07:31 05 Oct 2012

Jack b

The post referred to by myself and onthelimit1 appears to have been removed by the FE, I guess the Silver Mouse has been at work! Probably to pre-empt a nasty possibly being unleashed.

  Forum Editor 10:17 05 Oct 2012

I removed a spam post advertising a product called Vista Antivirus.

  Jack b 22:48 05 Oct 2012

oh I see malware attempting to portray it self as a legitimate anti virus I think I may have to give up on AVG as they do not see to be rectifying the problems some users are having. They do not appear to give any indication that they are working on the fix

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