Avast is now Free for buisiness.

  rdave13 16:11 04 Apr 2015

The link .

Wonder what the catch is if any?

  john bunyan 16:34 04 Apr 2015


This link Avast blog alleges they harvest and sell stuff such as web tracking. They surely need to make something out of it?

  rdave13 16:51 04 Apr 2015

Thanks for the link jb . I'll do more searching on this when I have time. Not at all sure about Avast anymore. On another thread, yours I believe, I expressed my doubts on what these AVs actually harvest from your PC.

  rdave13 16:58 04 Apr 2015

This was published at the end of October 2014. Defender is looking better and better but still dire as an AV. :)

  john bunyan 16:59 04 Apr 2015


As you may remember I have free Avast plus Malawarebytes premium on my (main) desktop and free Avira on a laptop, with free AVG on two grand daughter's laptops.

Avast seems the quickest and simplest. Not sure of harvesting. Avira is slow to load updates (only use laptop every few days). AVG also slow and ponderous.

I would be please to keep in touch on this as I also use other add ons that, I believe , you also use. (SAS, spywareblaster)

I once, a few years ago, had a paid for suite, Bullguard, but got a bad virus in spite of it.

  rdave13 17:48 04 Apr 2015

john bunyan thanks for the reply. Yes I use quite a few backup security software with Avast. Just re-installed today as Defender took 4 1/2 hours to do a full scan on a 250 GB drive.

All security software 'phone home' as updates are required. Just didn't realise the extent of it. I'm used to Microsoft doing it as the OSs I've used over the years have been mainly Windows. Have had a glance on Avast's privacy policy but not being a solicitor I fell asleep half way through.

Most probably I'm being paranoid but...

As a matter of interest I'm now using Avast (back again), MBAM pro, spywareblaster and Crypto Preventer free and Malwarebtes anti exploit free . WOT for guidance only. I stopped using SAS when I got MBAM pro.

Another note that might be of interest. Using the Avast removal tool in safe mode it suggested to reboot twice. I did that. Folder was left in the program files folder, which I removed, then on a search many more were left. A couple I couldn't remove because of TrustedInstaller prohibiting it. I left them because I knew I would re-install Avast after trying Defender again.

  john bunyan 19:29 04 Apr 2015

Will keep in touch. I do find that SAS finds ad aware tracking cookies missed by MBAM premium. I do the occasional scan with ADWCleaner, especially on grand daughter's machines as they will use sites that I would not!!

I suspect, as you say, that all anti virus programmes gather data. I just live with it.

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