AV manual scans?

  rdave13 19:24 21 Apr 2011

Now we have quite powerful antispam and antispyware programs, free or not, how often do you run a manual scan with your AV? Must say I've been lax in this department to say the least. My AV found a INI.(troj.) in one of my favorite links and moved it to chest. That's the link to the uninstalling of CID. Would be interesting to know if you've forgotten manual scanning with your AV when you have the likes of SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes.

  dororof 20:09 21 Apr 2011

Every week with Norton Every 2 days with MBAM and SAS,if feeling paranoid,every day.

  rdave13 20:15 21 Apr 2011


Blimey, makes my attitude to security online seem absolutely relaxed.. :)

  lucky1 21:27 21 Apr 2011

Mine's done automatically by Norton 360, once a week. Runs in the background with no noticeable dip in performance.

  rdave13 21:53 21 Apr 2011

My question was, when do you run a manual scan of your AV. Bought or free? Possibly if you select a manual scan it will give you a wider choice of what to scan rather than the routine one. Routine scans are just routine. Both answers, so far, depend on the routine scans supplied by a paid for Security software program. Is that good enough? If you pay for an AV program, even if in a suit, then why do you not run manual scans?

  961 09:49 22 Apr 2011

To answer the question, I run a full scan about once a month. But I am aware that certain files will not be scanned particularly if they are open and in use and IMHO the utility of such a scan may be limited as a result. The value of the (paid for) security I use is more in it's ability to be (1) up to date, and (2) to catch stuff as it arrives rather than once it's resident

I do run Malwarebytes (free) as a full scan, probably once a fortnight and Spywareblaster is resident

  wee eddie 09:51 22 Apr 2011

The meaning of words is what we're talking about.

Routine = Every Wednesday at Midday or whenever

Manual = On Demand = Whenever you want = Whenever you feel the need to scan a particular file.

  birdface 10:21 22 Apr 2011

I always run my scans manually normally daily. Emisoft anti malware I will run the short scans daily and the full scan about once a week. AVG I will usually run every 2nd day as it only takes about 10 minutes for a full scan.

  Woolwell 12:09 22 Apr 2011

Kaspersky, which I got free with online banking, scans in the background using quiet periods and doesn't hit performance. As a result I don't run a manual av scan. I do run Malwarebytes from time to time but so far it has never turned up anything.

  wiz-king 14:40 22 Apr 2011

When I have had a whoopsie and clicked on something I shouldnt have.

I run a full scan with my normal AV and with Malwarebytes, both run automatically over night once a week. Never found anything other than the usual tracking cookies.

  rdave13 15:01 22 Apr 2011

My Bank also offers Kapersky for free but I've been using the free version of Avast for so many years that I won't change. Now and again I run the scheduled scan. Avast scans just before Windows loads fully. Trouble is remembering to do it. I manually scan with Malwarebytes maybe once a fortnight as I run SAS pro version. Also, as wiz-king, if the AV complains about something I will run a manual scan.

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