Autorenawal-please check the small print

  stevethetester 17:39 06 Jul 2014

If you are thinking about buying Bitdefender antivirus products-please, a word of caution. I bought Bitdefender Total Security 2014 in June 2014 on line-as I do with most of my software. I opted out of the auto renewal option at time of purchase and after having many many issues with the program (it trashed my brand new pc so badly I had to reformat and use a different solution)I asked for a refund within the 30 day money back period - it never came. I wrote this off to experience; however this week they took more than £46 from my bank account to auto renew the software-on a bank card that had been cancelled and replaced in Sept 2013. I have since contacted them and filled in their online refund ticket option and although the initial response was to fob me off they (after being threatened with trading standards etc)) have sent me an e-mail saying that my refund has been processed and will appear back in my account in 5-7 working days-I wait with baited breath on this one. I would say to you-please check on line as to the integrity of the company you are buying into-no matter what you buy; just Google "Bitdefender auto renewal scam" etc for this one.

However,-and this is my main point- I feel that magazines and websites such as this one should-as a matter of course- do such research ahead of any reviews they carry out and publish to give a true picture of what we the consumers are really buying into.This would be the responsible thing to do in my opinion. Sorry to be a bit long winded about this but if just one of my fellow readers takes note and avoids this "issue" it will have been worth the read.

  stevethetester 17:40 06 Jul 2014

woops-sorry-i bought this in 2013 not 2014-sorry!

  wee eddie 22:24 06 Jul 2014

I am sorry that you have been caught out.

Business's have been writing unfair clauses into their Terms & Conditions since Catullus complained to the Senate.

I would guess that there is about a thread every week on the subject.

Unfortunately it is up to you to bowl them out before you sign. I'm sure that they will attempt to sort it out but you need to give them time. Most offices take at least a week or three to achieve anything.

  bumpkin 23:41 06 Jul 2014

Most people do not have the time or inclination to plough through small print. They know this and use it to their own ends. I have been caught out in the past on a couple of occasions. Got refunds after a lot of aggro but really puts me off using a credit card on the net.

  spuds 10:23 07 Jul 2014

There have been quite a lot being said over the past few years about opt-out or opt-in clauses in contracts, especially those for online sales or services.

People are getting confused, and as far as I understand, the relevant authorities were going to make it simpler for people to understand what their commitment would likely to be. Not sure how far any action on that as gone yet?.

  stevethetester 08:54 08 Jul 2014


Thanks for your input; just to let you know that I got the full refund this morning. However, I would still caution fellow consumers about this practice and that even though I got the auto renewal refund I am still out of pocket for the original purchase. Steve

  iscanut 10:17 08 Jul 2014

Whenever possible I normally try to pay for things via direct debit rather than credit or debit card as I am always wary about auto renewals, as I do not always remember to cancel before such renewal, and even then, they have still been processed causing such problems as getting a refund. When a direct debit is cancelled, at least I know that nothing further can be taken. I still have to remember to cancel the dd however !!

  stevethetester 17:44 08 Jul 2014

good advice;trouble is that when you purchase the activation key you fill in the card details just as if you were doing your on-line Tesco home delivery(just by way of example)At no stage do you set up a direct debit or similar; the thing that worries me the most (and I will pop into my local Halifax Bank this week to investigate) is - how did they manage to successfully collect this money from a cancelled bank card-and then refund it today via the same method? Surely, when a bank card is cancelled, nobody but nobody can access your funds? Or am I missing something? Cheers,


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