Autoglass damaged my seat.

  ened 07:26 13 Dec 2008

A month ago I needed my windscreen repairing. It seems that advert for Autoglass is not quite as straightforward as they make out. I had a small crack about half an inch long. The bloke on the telephone said it (windscreen) would need to be replaced without even looking at it.

The windscreen was duly replaced but the next time I went to the car I noticed he had left some black gunk on the LEATHER seat and armrest. I managed to wipe most of it off but one patch has remained and appears to have gone through to the grain.

Since then the guy who did the job has tried to claim he never sat in the vehicle, then changed his mind and said he put seat covers on, and then said I had done it! The manager of the local branch said he had spoken to his HO and they had told him they were not responsible.

I discovered this to be an untruth also.

I have waited in vain for call backs and this week I was meant to get a call on Wednesday which has not happened.

I cannot afford a solicitor but was wondering what would happen if I claimed through my insurance? Would they look to Autoglass for the money or would I lose my No Claims discount?

I am aware this is a computer forum but I know there are some pretty shrewd dudes on here and I do have a computer in the car.

  oldbeefer2 11:13 13 Dec 2008

You may find that the threat to take your claim to the small claims court would persuade them. I would suggest a letter, recorded delivery, in which you state what has happened. Offer them the opportunity to put it right and state that if they fail to do so you will persue the matter through the SCC. If you claimed on your insurance you would lose your NCB (unless it's protected), but the excess would probably cost you more than having the seat cleaned professionally.

  Pamy 11:29 13 Dec 2008

Call Consumer Direct for advice

  Pamy 11:31 13 Dec 2008
  Stuartli 13:35 13 Dec 2008

>>The bloke on the telephone said it (windscreen) would need to be replaced without even looking at it.>>

Depends where the crack is situated whether it is able to be repaired, due to legislation covering viable repair sections of windscreens.

In fact Autoglass details whether you can repair or replace at:

click here

  ened 17:04 13 Dec 2008

In actual fact the chip on my windscreen met all of the criteria. But that is irrelevant because he never asked - just stated it would have to be replaced.

I pointed out that it stated in my insurance policy that if it could be repaired this is what they would do. He actually said they don't know what they are talking about! This seems strange because it was part of my Policy document - not a flyer or other such.

oldbeefer2 This job was done through my insurance company and I am inclined to go back to them. I am trying to find out if they will go to the person who damaged the seat in the same way they would look to the other driver if there was an accident and it was their fault.

If the seat has to be re-covered the cost will be far in excess of my excess.

Pamy Thanks for the link I will have a trawl through and see if any of it is pertinent.

  namtas 18:53 13 Dec 2008

I think that you may find that the insurance company will only treat this as additional accident damage to your vehicle by a third party and unconnected to the screen repair even if as you allege that this is where the damage occured. I think that the insurance company will create a new claim and you will have to pay the excess as a new claim also possibly run up against a problem of multiple claims loosing any part no claims bonus.

Best bet is to write a nice letter setting out your claim and suggest that if you don't get satisfaction then you will consider raising the case with their trade association, most belong to such an association and they don't like stacking up negative customer issues. Of course if Autoglass did cause the damage the they would claim through their own liability insurance.

  rdave13 19:25 13 Dec 2008

I'd be inclined to inform my insurance company that the repair was not up to standard as subsequent work to repair the windscreen resulted in damage to other parts of the vehicle. Quote the claim number and express your complaint to your insurance company. That's what you pay insurance companies for.

  spuds 19:43 13 Dec 2008

I would check with Autoglass, and see if they belong to a trade association. If so, then it might be possible that there is a code of practise, which all members agree to abide by.

Autoglass are usually an insurance company approved outlet, and I would imagine that there is some form of joint code of practise between the two. Have a word with your insurance company about the problem, if the insurance company authorised the work.

Consider getting a quote from an upholstery cleaning company, and send a copy of the quote to Autoglass's head office. At the same time, ask the upholstery cleaner company to perhaps confirm how the damage was done. They should soon know if the 'gunk' stuff is 'trade type' windscreen sealant.

  ened 08:34 14 Dec 2008

"Consider getting a quote from an upholstery cleaning company"

This is the problem.

Autoglass Customer Services suggested I found somebody to clean it and send them the quote.

After a week I was unable to come up with anybody (this job will need specialist leather cleaners) so last Monday I reported back and he said he would do something and get back to me by Wednesday.
By Friday evening he had failed to call.

This is becoming a trend with them: throw it back to me and make me do all the chasing.

I need to make a decision today and start moving on it tomorrow (Monday).

I am inclined to agree that I should at least have a chat with the insurance company to see what they say.

  Pamy 09:45 14 Dec 2008

Why not tell Autoglass customer service that you have tried to do what they said but could not find anyone and ask them to recommend some body.

Also the "gunk" they use, will have safety instructions for use and may well give instructions for cleaning up. Worth finding out what the "gunk" is

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