Australian travel VISA.

  Miros 09:54 10 Oct 2007

Just booked a trip down-under for my wife with Ebookers which gave a contact number to obtain a ETA Visa (required to enter Australia).

We were quoted £30 for the Visa by the Ebooker contact which in fact only costs $20 Au equal to about £8.30p GB if you apply online at click here

This is a gross example of overcharging in my opinion.

  spuds 12:01 10 Oct 2007

Like most things in life nowadays, its the additions that cost the most. Good point though about the government making the airlines accept fuel charges as an inclusive ticket purchase item.

I use to do a lot of world-wide travel, with visas placed 'on-hold' at the airport for pick-up. All part and parcel of the service of our travel agent arrangements. Worked great.

Trailfinder is (was?) a good company for travel arrangements to places like Australia and other exotic places.

  Miros 20:41 10 Oct 2007

We have used Trailfinders in the past and found them generally good though this was before we had access to the WWW. n this occasion they were considerably dearer than Ebookers, though as I recall they did process the ETA visa for much the same as the actual cost from the Ozzy embassy the time.

At the end of the day I suppose you need to keep your wits about you and shop around.

Added fuel charges? It has got to be that the consumer who picks up the tab at the end of the day!

  Clapton is God 21:04 10 Oct 2007

And don't forget that one of the questions on the Australian visa application form is "Do you have a criminal record?"

To which the usual response is "Why? Is one still required?"

  Miros 23:02 10 Oct 2007

Don't recall that question may, you be confusing this with USA?

If your interested in criminality and Australia I recommend you read 'The fatal shore' by Robert Hughes.

The African slaves had a raw deal in America, read what we did with our so called 'criminals' sent to Australia, it was a very cheap, expendable and easily replaced source of labour. The cost to the user was zilch, if they happened to kill one by ill treatment, no problem just apply for a replacement! African slaves cost money, British 'criminals' came free of cost.

  [email protected] 09:10 11 Oct 2007

Without a visa you do not enter I ahve applied a few times without problems but my wief had to wait several weeks before being cleared simply because she had spent time in Zimbabwe
Most people British born who have lived abroad have problems sometimes taking more thanh a month before being cleared
Not like UK anyone can enter I wish we had either Canadian or Ozzie rules on visas and immigration

  Miros 09:35 11 Oct 2007

I don't think you have much trouble if you have British citizenship! We have both had approval in the past with no problems.

Yesterday I made out an application on behalf of my wife and it was given approval on completion of the electronic form, immediately! There is no need to post anything in your passport, your given an 'approval' number which is I guess checked against your passport electronically on arrival, and again when you leave.

  Miros 09:45 11 Oct 2007

Who is eligible! Note final the last sentence.

"You are only eligible to apply for an ETA while you are outside of Australia. To apply through this site, you must also hold one of the listed ETA-eligible passports. If you do not meet these criteria, then you should contact your nearest Australian visa office for further options.
Travellers holding the following passports may now apply for an ETA through this site: Andorra
Hong Kong SAR
San Marino
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States Of America
Vatican City
Holders of UK British National (Overseas) (GBN) passports are not eligible to apply for ETAs through this site."

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