Aussies lose

  [DELETED] 11:26 22 Nov 2003

Nothing more to say

:-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

  wee eddie 11:52 22 Nov 2003

I'm working hard too here to listen to the football!

  mikef. 11:54 22 Nov 2003

I know it's not PC but superb well done to England.

England 20 Australia 17 after extra time

  [DELETED] 12:01 22 Nov 2003

Lets get it right the Aussies didn't loose.


  [DELETED] 12:30 22 Nov 2003

Well what can i say, the pom's go from being bashed to the basher's!

Well done lad's you've done us proud!

  Stuartli 12:40 22 Nov 2003

Those of us who watched it live are well aware of the result..:-)

But England very nearly threw it wonder Clive has very little hair.

Little Jonny should get all the financial rewards he deserves - one of those rare sportsmen who don't waste great talent.

  Belatucadrus 12:47 22 Nov 2003

Now get ready for the great Australian whines.
1 It was raining.
2 You shouldn't allow drop goals it's not fair.
3 The ref was biased.
4 England were boring.
5 You must have cheated.
6 It's a fix.
7 Boo Hoo I want my mom.

You may think this unfair, but the Australians who have turned sledging into an art form always get the hump when the boots on the other foot, so excuse me while I take this rare opportunity to apply it.

  mikef. 12:50 22 Nov 2003

The result was for wee eddie who asked as he was working.

Agree the ref was biased FOR the aussies :-)

  [DELETED] 13:07 22 Nov 2003

Now we've got it let's not give it away next time.

  [DELETED] 13:13 22 Nov 2003

the ref was biased, Pz always had a 16th man on the field!

But hey i dont care!

We won.

Would of thought the auzzies would of brought a few tin's onto the pitch to show sportsman ship!

  Sapins 13:47 24 Nov 2003

The Aussies know all about sport, its the MANship that lets them down.

I filled in their form to live there once but when I got to Criminal Convictions I said I didn't know it was still obligatory and they rejected me!

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