Aussie ISP for travelling?

  Kate B 15:24 30 Apr 2005

FE, you might well have a suggestion for this, but I'd be grateful for all input - I'm after a bog-standard pay-as-you-go dialup ISP for while I'm in Oz that I can buy for a month before we leave.

I looked at Bigpond and although it says it has a pre-purchase short-term dial-up "perfect if you're visiting Australia from overseas" and takes you all through the sign-up procedure, it then asks for an Australian shipping address - which it turns out is for some software. *gnashes teeth*.

Any suggestions?

  boots2 17:34 30 Apr 2005

Try Primus a better service.
Why pay for access why not use the many internet shops hostels Etc all have broadband and a lot free.

  TOPCAT® 23:31 30 Apr 2005

Dingoblue seems the winner here me ol' cobber! TC.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:49 01 May 2005

or my hotel's access service Kate, but you'll find that you can pick up Telstra Bigpond Prepaid kits at pretty well any computer store or Telstra shop. You can pay for up to 60 hours in advance, and it's easy to top up your time allowance with your credit card via the Bigpond site.

My son worked for Telstra in Sydney for six months fairly recently (but on the mobile phone side of the business), and he says their service is superb.

  Kate B 17:57 01 May 2005

thanks for those suggestions, I'll have a look at Primus and Dingoblue. My reservation about the Bigpond pre-paid offering is that it seems to want you to install software which I'm not wild about.

boots2, I'm taking the lappy with me as I want to work on some stuff while I'm away and be able to upload my pics to my website and suchlike.

  Forum Editor 18:07 01 May 2005

just creates the dial up connection for you - there's no need to use it if you don't want to. Just set up your connection in the normal way, using the BigPond access number supplied.

Don't forget to tell your internal modem which country you're in, so it knows which telcom tone to detect.

  Kate B 00:53 02 May 2005

thanks for that clarification, FE, I'll probably go with that once I get there. And thanks for the reminder about the modem tone, too!

  Forum Editor 00:58 02 May 2005

My Sydney client is coming to London next week. I'll be spending next weekend with him, and it occurred to me that he might be able to pick up a BigPond prepaid kit for you before he leaves.

There's no guarantee, but I'm happy to ask, and if he brings the kit I could post it to you.

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