Audio set-up recommendation (Headphones and Microphone solution)

  Two Ton Ted 17:52 19 Apr 2015


I'm currently in the process of looking to buy a whole new audio set-up but I've reached a point where I'm not sure which direction to go in. I would appreciate the expert advice from you guys. Any guidance would be very helpful.

First off, I'm currently looking into buying a new set of headphones and I'm quite keen on getting some open-back headphones. I listen to a wide range of music so I suppose a balanced headphone would be ideal(?) however the tunes I primarily listen to are probably EDM, Rock, Jazz and Classical. I'm also a gamer though so I'm looking for headphones for that capability as well.

I've spent a long time looking around and the two headphones I'm currently considering are the AKG K712 pro's and the Sennheiser HD650's. Which of these would you consider most suitable for me(?) and please feel free to make new suggestions. My budget is £200 ($299) but I have a £60 Amazon voucher so if I can get it from Amazon UK then I can go up to £260 ($389).

On a side note, what will I need to drive these headphones? All I have is the on-board sound card built into my motherboard. Could I buy a relatively affordable sound card or will I need to splash out on a DAC/Amp set-up? I obviously don't want to bottleneck my new headphones but I'm looking for a cost effective solution.

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy PC gaming which means I would quite like to get a microphone. My concern is with open-back headphones, will game sound leak into a microphone? I'm not sure which solution to go for.

I'm currently considering getting a Antlion ModMic 4.0 (uni-directional or omni-dicrectional???) or getting an completely separate microphone such as the Blue Yeti. Again I am open to new suggestions.

Sorry for the block of writing and multiple questions but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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