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  azim 12:32 25 Apr 2005

I was looking for some audio books to download, found the following:

click here - you can try it and get two audio books for free but to cancle the trial you have to phone the usa (for me just to a few minuites to cancel). However the audio books were in a propriatary format i.e. not mp3. If you have an ipod audible seems like great value as you get 2 books a month for about £10 a month and they have a huge selection.

click here - very cheap books and in mp3 format - I downloaded HG wells the invisible man for £3. However they don't have a big selection. - only occasionally get books on mp3.

Does anyone else know of any other good sites?

  vinnyT 16:06 25 Apr 2005

This claims to be the World's largest selection of new & used audiobooks on cassette and compact disc - CD. Full length - unabridged, abridged & dramatic books on tape, etc..

click here

AmazonUK audio books

click here

BooksonTape- Publisher of unabridged audio books.

click here

Hope these are of interest, got them from google, just put your title in and loads came.

Haven't used them myself, so cannot attest to quality.

  azim 16:59 25 Apr 2005

Thanks vinnyT for your suggestions.

I was specifically looking for downloadable unabridged audio books in mp3 format.

Audio books (click here) had a link to pay per listen (click here). This site had a huge selection of downloadable books at reasonable prices. Unfortunately the format is not mp3 and you cannot burn them to disc.

Books on tape use audible (click here) for downloads - but they also don't provide the books in mp3 format.

The only site to provide audio books in mp3 format I've found so far is unabridgedbooks (click here). Just wonder if there are any others?

  vinnyT 12:35 26 Apr 2005

Sorry, only just returned to site.

Have you tried, it specifically mentions mp3 format books.

click here

I got it from a link on

click here

"Now here is a great idea. Use your Rio Carbon to store MP3 books and then play them back while you commute to and from work, travel by train or place on business or on holiday."

This supplies links to audio books

click here

Hope this is of more use than my previous post.

  azim 13:28 26 Apr 2005

Thanks again for your suggestions vinnyT.

Had a look at - there is a huge collection and they really are free! But the catch is that they are read by a computer - the speech software isn't bad but is not yet comparible to human voice.

Your second link was more fruitful - audiobooks for free (click here) I had heard of them before but didn't realise they offered mp3 downloads. The prices were also very reasonable - about £3 a book (not bad considering some books last 20 hours!).

Thanks again for your help

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