Audigy2 ZS Platinum and Mesh Computers

  arricarry 13:41 31 Mar 2004

Hello - I may be the victim of gross misunderstanding or something else. My new system came from Mesh with the Audigy 2ZS platinum installed. The card works fine but the platinum drive was DOA. Mesh sent an engineer to replace the platinum drive which he did and he fitted a new soundcard as well, however he did not bring a new AD_EXT cable with him, thats the one that connects the card and the platinum drive. On starting up the platinum was still dead. Engineer left. Many phonecalls to support yield no result. I look inside my case and I find a strange cable used to connect the components, I do not believe it to be a creative cable and anyway there are 4 bare wires sticking out of the connector at the card end. On pointing this out to Mesh there has been a change in attitude and I am now treated as a leper. All I want is a new cable. The plot thickens, this card is not sold in Europe in the platinum version, you can only get the platinum Pro, which is totally different. So now I have a busted cable and I cannot even buy one from Creative Europe as they do not stock them. It makes me wonder if Mesh has run out of cables and is trying to jerry rig IDE cables to make the cards work. I can only speak from the evidence in front of me, if Mesh would like to reply I am listening. So if you are contemplating getting a ZS platinum system, be aware of the spare part situation.

  MESH Support 14:39 31 Mar 2004

I'm sorry to hear that the service has been less than you might expect.

Our records indicate that we are in the process of sending you the cable you require. There is no indication that we had any reason not to send you this part and we appreciate your offering to fit the part yourself to speed things up.

If you have any further queries regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to email me.


Mesh Support

  arricarry 19:16 31 Mar 2004

Hello - I got the cable this morning, however it was not the correct one for this device. Are we talking about the cable a very nice young man from customer services sent at great personal effort or are we talking about the correct one for the Audigy 2 ZS platinum. The one I received was for the Audigy 2 I believe, the pins do not fit at all frontwards backwqards or any combo thereof.
Thank you for your response

  arricarry 20:21 31 Mar 2004

What is your e-mail address please

  MESH Support 14:20 01 Apr 2004

I am out of the office until next wednesday but Amit is still present and monitoring my email boxes on my behalf.

The address is [email protected]

I've just checked with the office and it appears the two cables have been sent, one by customer services on Tuesday, the second by Technical Support on Wednesday. If you have received just the one then I would assume it is the first sent.

I am not sure which cable was sent but as I obtained the second one from stores from an Audigy box myself I know it to be the correct one. Please wait for this one to arrive and if you still have problems email Amit on the services address and he will respond.


Mesh Support

  arricarry 16:27 01 Apr 2004

Hello - If you check your mail you will see enclosed photographs showing the old cable and the one you sent. They are obviously not the same, but I will try again to fit the new one. My son is home from University tomorrow, he assembles computers for his Summer job, if he can fit it then you can call me a stupid so and so, but don't hold your breath.

  arricarry 20:19 01 Apr 2004

Hello - signing off now as I believe Amit has cracked it. According to correspondence correct cable will soon be in the post. Its a relief as I thought I was losing it!!! Regards

  Paperback Writer 20:25 01 Apr 2004

How long does it take Mesh to reply to emails? I emailed them 2 days ago and got nothing. Tried again this morning and got nothing.

Their phone line seems to leave me on hold forever.

  arricarry 21:11 01 Apr 2004

I think its pot luck with mesh. Which part of the organisation are you trying to access? I have that irritating trombone music in my skull and I cannot get rid of it, I must have spent about 3 hours listening to it during March. Try mailing [email protected] because a guy called Amit is usually on the ball.

  arricarry 21:12 01 Apr 2004

make that services, its that music again!!!!

  arricarry 21:14 01 Apr 2004

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