Audigy Platinum Pro Problem!

  minkey182 00:41 13 Dec 2004


I have a Mesh PC with XP and a preinstalled Audigy soundcard. Recently i encountered a serious error with my HDD and was forced to format. After reinstalling drivers and programs i realised that my computer wasn't acknowledging the presence of my Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Pro sound card. I have tried to install sound blaster software but it said that my hardware is not installed correctly. All connections between the sound card and the computer seem to be correct. This problem never occured before the pc was formatted. Any help would be appreciated.


  pipedream 23:27 13 Dec 2004

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from Creative's website (click here)? Probably worth looking for any yellow ?'s in Device Manager and uninstalling anything here first.

  Praxis99 23:34 18 Jan 2005

Might also be worth checking to see if onboard sound has by some quirk become enabled.

If so disable it in the bios since you want one or the other (ie your sound card) running on your PC not both.

Its possible then that Windows will detect your soundcard and you can then install the relevant drivers.

One final possibility try moving the soundcard to a different PCI slot.

If for warranty or other reasons you don't want to fiddle around inside your PC contact your supplier if the problem persists.

  Danoh 00:23 19 Jan 2005

I think the problems could be related to other problems not being fixed completely from this other posting click here

  Modo 07:45 19 Jan 2005

I reformatted a Mesh hdd over christmas - and found the only hardware that was difficult to get back was this Sound Card.

DON'T download the latest Creative Drivers. Their drivers often require most previous versions to be installed.

Can you go to Hardware in Device Manager from Control Panel & post what is `listed under sound, video & game controllers. Also in hardware is anything marked as not working.

Despite having a complete drivers back up file I found I had to manually reinstall the Drivers sequentially.

  Demora 10:11 19 Jan 2005

Do you have the original Audigy pro cd. If I remember there is some uninstall info on there and all registry entries for the creative must be removed before you can reinstall. I seem to recall having to do this about 4 years ago.


  david.h 10:19 19 Jan 2005

I found it smooth if you load from the audigy cd then go to the automated driver update on the creative web site. If you do not load the cd first the web site only loads the basic driver.

  minkey182 14:47 22 Jan 2005

I did reformat the HDD again before xmas in case i might have installed the programs in the wrong order or anti-virus software was interfering with the sound card programs. However this was not the case and the PC was sent back to Mesh to have it fixed. Since it's return there have been no further problems. Unfortunately i have not found the cause of the problem but thanx to everyone for the advice.


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