ATI versus nVidia price battle continues

  TOPCAT® 17:01 29 Mar 2005

At least over in the USA at the moment. Might pay to hang fire on that new graphic card purchase for awhile. TC.

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  citadel 20:22 29 Mar 2005

Anyone who wants to play games will still want to pay extra and get a 6600gt.

  NinkyRudes 13:21 30 Mar 2005

The 9800 Pro IS a good chipset for general use, well supported and fairly powerful, as it was the flagship of the last generation of ATI cards.

However, it has been superseded in price/performance by some of the current generation of both ATI and nVidia chipsets.

As a result, the card will only make sense if you aren't worried about running modern games or other graphically intensive programs.

Incidentally, for around the same price, you can pick up last-generation nVidia cards too, often overclocked by the board manufacturer to run much faster than the original chipsets would allow.

My advice? At the very least, anyone remotely serious about their graphics should look at the Geforce 6600 (around £90-£100 w/256Mb), or the 6600 GT for around £25-£35 more.

These cards will impress more, with support for all the DirecX 9 components, such as Pixel Shader 3.0, which makes graphical apps much more attractive straight away.

But as is always the way, you pay a silly premium for new hardware anyway, so budget cards will be around for a long time to come. Roll on the day when you can pick up a 6800 Ultra or equivalent for under £100 - I bet it's not too far off!

  TOPCAT® 21:25 30 Mar 2005

a price reduction, also on the more 'up-market' cards from both these developers. More so because the two of them are hard at work putting the finishing touches to their next generation products. Can only be good for the consumer! TC.

  961 10:39 31 Mar 2005

I find graphics cards a bit of a nightmare. Every three years or so I feel I should upgrade but I am always confronted with the latest gizmo at £300+ and the previous latest at £150 and then down on and on to the bog standard cheapie at £30. These things depreciate faster than a Ford Mondeo

Add to that PCI, AGP2, 4 and 8, 3.5volts and 1.5 volts and now pci express and my eyes glaze over

I've also noticed on occasions that articles appear talking of conflicts between some cards and mobos/chipsets

Currently on ATI Radeon 7500 64mb which cost over £100 when I bought it, and not into latest games I'd welcome an article telling me what price point one should aim for. Sooner or later when I get sick of my AMD Barton 2500+ system I guess I'm into a new motherboard and pci express

  NinkyRudes 17:05 31 Mar 2005

You're quite right. As with any PC technology, prices, standards and specifications change daily - quite literally.

If you want some help in deciding which card to go for, myself and many of the other users of this forum have an unhealthy amount of experience in graphics.

Wht not start a new post, listing what sorts of apps/games you are looking to play, as well as your basic system specifications, and I'm sure we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

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