ATi Radeon Emergency!

  Gaz W 17:44 22 Jul 2003

I have asked this question before, but this is for another computer that I am building for someone else.

I was going to put an ATi Radeon 9500 Pro in it, but I can't seem to get hold of one any more. The one I wanted was a Powercolor ATi Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB at Micro Direct (click here). This hasn't been in stock for ages now, and when I asked them they said it was unlikely that they would be getting any more as they now have the 9600/9600 Pro. I have been told that the 9500 Pro is better than both the 9600 and 9600 Pro, and when I compared the specs on Micro Direct's website this was confirmed. I have discovered that ATi have discontinued the 9500 cards, or at least the Pro, and that's why they are out of stock everywhere. I haven't found the 9700 Pro for less than £200, which is out of the price range.

I doubt it is, but is the 9600 Pro better than the 9500 Pro? What is ATi's new equivalent that is similar in price?

  sjr1 18:22 22 Jul 2003

click here

have look at the review

  sjr1 18:27 22 Jul 2003

click here

not sure if its the "pro"

Wish you would have said a week ago I sold my Hercules 9700pro 8mths old for £145

  Gaz W 00:42 23 Jul 2003

Thank you for the link to the review. The review mentions that the 9600 Pro is "unable to oust its predecessor, the 9500 PRO, in many ways", which suggests, as I was informed in a previous thread, that the 9600 Pro is in fact an inferior product.

The 9500 card at Komplett is unlikely to be a Pro at that price. There was never much of a price difference I don't think, and the cheapest I ever found a 9500 Pro was £131.60 at Micro Direct, which I thought was excellent value for money, but it never came in stock!

With this in mind, what should I be looking at? What is the absolute minimum price I can expect to be able to pay for a 9700 Pro, which I know is better than both of them? I think I can rule out the 9800 Pro because of how expensive it is at the moment.

  Gaz W 00:57 23 Jul 2003

The motherboard is an Abit AT7-Max2 (socket A). When I opened the box a small card fell out stating, "To avoid damaging this board, please use AGP 4X (1.5V only) cards instead of AGP 2X (3.V) cards."

I assume it will take 8X AGP cards, as stated on the Micro Direct website (although I got it from Scan).

The cheapest ATi Radeon 9700 Pro I have found so far is at Micro Direct at £210.33, but it's not in stock! It seems that ATi might be discontinuing all "odd number" cards (9500/9700?) and using even numbers like the 9200, 9600 and 9800. I might be, and probably am, wrong but it seems like this might be it because these are their cards from last year or something.

One more thing - if I wanted to test this PC to see if it's working (I have everything except graphics card) would an old GeForce 2MX 32MB AGP be OK, or is it incompatible (2X or something)?

  Gaz 25 01:01 23 Jul 2003


  Gaz 25 01:02 23 Jul 2003

It should work your GF2.

  Gaz W 02:09 23 Jul 2003

OK thanks for that. I was just wondering about it because I'm not entirely sure whether the GeForce 2MX is 4X AGP. I'm about 80% sure, because I remember buying it at a computer fair a few years ago not knowing the voltage of my motherboard's AGP slot or anything! It's a cheap make, and the card is probably a generic one. Unfortunately the manual isn't much and I've probably thrown the box away now, but like you say it's probably 4x so will work.

I'm still on the lookout for an ATi card, but would prefer 9700 Pro.

  Gaz W 03:00 23 Jul 2003

I've been looking around, and it seems that the cheapest 9700 Pro I can get is the one I mentioned before at £210.38, unless any of you know of somewhere cheaper. The problem is it's not in stock and might not ever be again.

I'm still a bit confused with ATi's cards; the specs of, say the 9500 Pro/9600 Pro/9700 Pro/9800 Pro seem to overlap unless I'm mistaken.

Would it be possible for me to see a list of the ATi Radeon cards in order of how good they are?

  helmetshine 08:32 23 Jul 2003

click here always try here....there where some on there

  Gaz W 12:11 23 Jul 2003

Just looked at Ebay now and was surprised to find quite a few, but there doesn't appear to be much of a price difference, if any, in those and what I can get for £210.62, since the sellers' reserves are higher, and to "Buy it Now" would cost more.

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