ATI Catalyst v. 5.7

  Ancient Learner 17:21 19 Jul 2005

I read that this was available as the latest update and that it was supposed to be fantastic. It certainly is a big download, 33MB compared to the last one of 23MB.

I uninstalled the last version which required 3 reboots to get rid of the 3 mentions in the 'Add Remove Programmes'. I was surprised that the new version didn't demand a reboot!

After all that, I can't see any difference other than the control centre layout.

Has anyone else done this yet, and have they found any difference?

  Smiler 17:52 19 Jul 2005

I think this should be posted in the help forum not consumer watch.

  Stuartli 18:20 19 Jul 2005

I recently got rid of a new ATI graphics card because the Catalyst V5 drivers were, frankly, awful and returned to the general reliability and known qualities of nVidia in the form of a GeForceFX card.

  Ancient Learner 20:04 19 Jul 2005

I don't see why. I am not asking for help, only comment on what appears to me an update that achieves nothing at all.

Stuartli. We all seem to get different experiences. Before this, I had a nVidia card, and updating I always found to be a lottery, sometimes the update was fine, other times the PC crashed and occasionally even needed a Ghost Image to recover it. Before I changed, I had a string of updates that I had tried and had failed. Since I got this ATI card, all the updates have worked fine, even if this one appears to have made no difference, at least it hasn't destroyed my PC.

  bob_hope 20:52 19 Jul 2005

i agree with Ancient Learner that ATI Catalyst 5.7 doesn't seem to improve anything. It has many functions that have been switched off anyway. For example, Smartshader was set to none. Maybe it makes some difference when it comes to playing games. But I don't play games unfortunately.

  Sans le Sou 21:47 19 Jul 2005

The updates usually add extra support/functionality for certain software(games) if you do not have the software or a current graphics card then you will not notice any difference.

  simonp1 07:13 20 Jul 2005

The latest update isnt designed solely for performance. It has been modified to stop a " BUG" which is being used for cheating in online gaming. ATI GF card, when used with another program makes all the walls disapear ( big advantage when playing online games ) so the update was to counter the effects of this.

  Stuartli 09:36 20 Jul 2005

As you say we all have different experiences.

But I've never had problems with nVidia drivers and nVidia chipset graphics cards..:-)

The graphics card I acquired (bought in a hurry and on cost grounds) was an actual ATI badged model - every flavour of drivers tried failed to eliminate a mish mash of coloured dots and lines across my monitor screen when switched on.

Eventually they would fade away after about half-an-hour, but that's not much use to me...:-)

Thankfully the local supplier exchanged the card without quibble for a GeForceFX and the problem disappeared.

In fairness, my son has an upmarket Radeon card and loves it...:-)

  Mr Beeline 21:45 20 Jul 2005


Probably teaching granny to suck eggs. But your problems sound more like a driver clash. Moving between makes of cards can be troublesome sometimes. You usually can't rely on the drivers uninstall utility to clean / remove everything (especially reg. entries). Out of interest, did you try a third party driver removal tool like "Driver cleaner pro"?

Ancient Learner

There are two sets of downloads available for ATI drivers. The bigger one contains the "Catalysts control centre" (basically a flasher interface). While the smaller one contains just the drivers and the usual control applet. Though I think pretty soon they are doing away with the smaller one and everyone will be forced to use the catalysts Control Centre whether they want to, or not!

In general...

Ati monthly driver ipdates usually tend to fix a numer of bugs (usually in games) and add the odd feature, or two. General performance gains at the moment (and for a while now) are really limited to the latest cards (IE. X800 series) and even these tend to be small, Though having said that, 5.7 claims some BIG performance improvements at higher resolution (again really only applies to games).

From my post, it's probably obvious that I'm into gaming, even if I could probably give Ancient Learner a run for his money age wise (assuming this by your moniker).

O'the joys of computing.

  Stuartli 22:41 20 Jul 2005

Difficult to say about drivers as the reason for the urgent change of card was the fact I had installed a new motherboard and CPU and my original GeForce MX 400 suddenly decided it wanted to lie down and go to sleep....

Perhaps it didn't like the new Gigabyte motherboard's AGP slot graphics card retainer...:-)

  Ancient Learner 12:03 21 Jul 2005

Thanks. That explains why I can't see any difference. I do play games, but they are RPG, which tend to be out of date. such as the one I'm just trying to get into, Morrowind, and these are not too demanding.

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