ATI 5970

  Marko797 11:40 15 May 2010

I'm about to order a new desktop with the above grfx card. Am being advised by the provider of major shortages and potential delays on the order owing to the shortage. Anyone else aware of this?

  carver 20:11 15 May 2010

Those cards are like the proverbial rocking horse xxxx, waiting times are up to about 6 weeks.

You are far better getting a couple of 5850 cards in crossfire mode, a lot quieter, cheaper to run and buy.

Best part, you get the same level of performance as that 5970.

  retep888 23:34 15 May 2010
  Marko797 18:15 16 May 2010

although seems to be conflicting info here. I'll hang on.

  carver 08:45 17 May 2010

There is a shortage that is why the price for these things is far higher than the suggested retail price.

That 5970 card is marked up over £50 more than it should be selling for, before xmas I bought 2 5850 for less than £200 each, now these cards are this click here price.

  carver 08:46 17 May 2010

sorry try this link click here

  Marko797 11:32 17 May 2010

hmmm, the old 'supply & demand' factor..

  retep888 16:19 19 May 2010

Maybe it's the old 'supply & demand' factor but don't forget it's the Top end card and always being sold at premium rate.

The sterling exchange rate doesn't help lately and I do admit there are some opportunists trying to sell at sky high prices(not from the main distributors though).

  Marko797 21:24 19 May 2010

sorta resolved.

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