athlonxp (barton) 2500+

  two00lbwaster 17:57 15 Apr 2003

get it here
click here
and then do this here
click here
and viola just set the clock to the 3000+ speed and away you go

  Murray 18:38 15 Apr 2003

next time I've £130 splashing around I'll get one and have a fiddle (of course I'll have to buy a new MB too, but it might be worth it...)

It does seem a bit risky - taking one of the most technologically advanced pieces of electronics available today and tying two of its legs together!

Before I read all the info on THG - does it basically mean that you can buy a 2500+ CU and overclock it (safely/reliably) to 3000+?

  Lead 21:17 15 Apr 2003

Better still

click here

It's cheaper and, in my opinion, a more reliable retailer.

  two00lbwaster 14:50 16 Apr 2003

Lead cookies required for that link.

yes what it does is unlock the multiplier translation table which is normally locked at the default for the 2500+ which is a multiplier of 11.

the 3000+ has a multiplier of 13 the values unlocked are 5 - 12.5 so you can get the 2800+ fequency sorry i'll have to check up again i'm sure the you got higher than 12.5 translation. it may depend on your motherboard.

which i would need a new on of as well Murray

  two00lbwaster 14:59 16 Apr 2003

click here

click here

it does seem as though the motherboard will do the higher translations instead of the processor so i will be gettin one of those 2500+'s but i need an nforce2 mothorboard first i'll get it from the same place as the cpu as they do a soleck model

  two00lbwaster 20:05 02 Jul 2003

hmmm update to this thread i thought id just revive it as ive become more (o-fa-e, anyone want to tell me how to spell that), with the enthusiast side of current computing

right how to overclock for the lazy man:

abit nf7-s v2.0 motherboard

2500+ barton processor

some pc3200 memory

a good power supply(thermaltake unit maybe)

good heatsink i have the thermaltake volcano 11+ xazer edition which seems to work well upto 2.3ghz

all availible from click here
plug the bits together and go into the bios.

you should be able to select 11x multiplier and set a 200mhz fsb(cpu/dram ratio i think), now you have a 3200+, and normally with no requirement to change the vcore voltage from its standard setting. i would prefere to reduce my speed than to up the vcore voltage but its up to personal preference.

just remember dont blame me if you stick too much voltage to your cpu and fry it, i wouldnt personally go over 1.75v especially not for 24/7 usage. also if you keep your origional psu then this can also limit your ability to overclock the processor with even stupendous increases in voltage leading noware overclocking wise.

make sure that you keep an eye on your temperatures through the winbond utility to make sure that your processor is not going higher that 60-65oC (the abit boards can read upto 8oC higher than otherboards but i prefere seeing high rather than low temps so i can aim to reduce the temp in future upgrades), if it does then you can always clock back the processor you will probably have to clock your processor slower in the winter than the summer due to the natural temperatures differences.

so no need for any modifications to the chip or the motherboard to get this free upgrade in speed? well i'll give you some help in understanding it all. the abit board uses something the other nforce2 motherboards dont.

something called a 5bit FID(freqency identifier) over riding the 4bit on chip FID which is unlocked on sup 2100+ chips to 12.5 multiplier as is the 2600+ on a 166fsb and the 2500+ and 2800+ on 166fsb.

the 5bit FID allows from 5x -22x multiplier as default on thoroughbred cores though the 'b' core of the thoroughbreds is far superior and far more ubiquitous nowadays and the barton core too but earlier palamino and thunderbird cores are not supported.

the thoroughbred/barton cores are as i mentioned earlier unlocked upto 12.5 multiplier though not all motherboards can take advantage of that fact all the nforce2 boards can but only the abit can automatically unlock upto 22x multiplier

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