Athlon upgrade options

  tag1_uk 10:14 13 Oct 2003

I've got a VIA KT133A chipset motherboard, currently installed with a 1.2GHz Athlon (thunderbird, 266FSB), 384Mb PC133 SDRAM and Geforce 2MX 4x AGP card. This motherboard can take up to the Athlon XP2400 (Thouroughbred B, 266FSB). I was thinking of upgrading to this to improve Windows XP performance (I'm writing a PhD thesis so need to handle large documents, complex graphics etc.).

How much is the performance going to be hampered by the slow memory/graphics? Would I see a big performance boost in going to say a KT600 motherboard, Athlon XP2500 (Barton, 333FSB), 400 DDR memory and Geforce FX graphics? Would this performance boost difference only be noticeable in games or in general Windows performance as well?

  [email protected] 13:44 13 Oct 2003

No doubt the motherboard / graphics / memory / processor upgrade would give the best performance out of your options.

But if you are looking at pure bang for your buck then just going for the processor upgrade (£60 ish) would make the most financial sense (with perhaps a wee bit more memory chucked in as well) and should do what you need nicely.

But then we all know that when we are talking computer upgrading financial sense goes out of the window :-)

  rowdy 14:28 13 Oct 2003

If you do decide to add more memory then it is as well to remember that if your OS is W98,because you have an AGP Graphics card ,not to exceed 512Mb RAM or you risk conflicts.


  rowdy 14:40 13 Oct 2003

Sorry just noticed you said you were running XP


  R4 14:49 13 Oct 2003

Win 98SE runs Ok without conflicts on 1.5Gb ram if you have your bios set correctly.

  rowdy 14:52 13 Oct 2003

Do not wish to highjack this thread, please email me details of BIOS settings or link.


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