Athlon 64 worth buying?

  ouijaouija 12:12 02 Aug 2004

1)Is it worth buying the amd 64 processor? I read loosely that it will be able to support future 64bit applications.

I am buying a pc for gaming, is it worth dishing out more money for this or not?

2)And could someone give me an idea of what gaming system I can buy with £550?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:37 02 Aug 2004
  ouijaouija 13:50 02 Aug 2004

Hi, that link was quite helpful actually!

i think I'll leave the 64bit thing for now as it seems more like a luxury than anything else.

Cheers, though any more replies would be great

  rickimalone04 18:41 02 Aug 2004

It's as worth buying as much as any current P4 why?

:because they both perform around the same level .

:both developers will have new socket types when windows 64bit longhorn and 64bit sofware are out.

:and the AMD64 you can buy now will run 64BIT software a current P4 wont.

  bremner 18:50 02 Aug 2004

If you are either buying a new machine or have decided that now is the time for an upgrade to your rather slowexisting machine - then 64 bit is worthwhile.

You are future proofing your investment by having a machine ready when the 64 bit applications come along, in the not to didtant future.

If you are just upgrading because you just fancy the latest technology while having a perfectly adequate machine then I would say not, wait and when you really need an upgrade you will get a faster better spec for the same money.

  Chip loose 22:00 02 Aug 2004

I've bought an Athlon 64 based system and it's as good as any p4 system i've seen.

bremner has got a good point about future proofing, but i heard a nasty rumour that Windows 64 will only be available on an OEM licence (i.e. you will only be able to buy it with a new system). Not too sure how much truth is in this

  Gaz 25 03:10 03 Aug 2004

64bit processors have hardware antivirus control as well. ;-)

  Chegs ® 04:01 03 Aug 2004

Why spend a wedge to get a task done by your PC in a few milliseconds faster.Above 2Ghz,a home user is unlikely to be able to see much difference.Bit like american cars,massive engines but lousy performance. :-)

  ouijaouija 08:17 03 Aug 2004

Basically I want a decent gaming computer and the 64bit processor costs more than the standard athlon XP. Is it worth dishing out more money just for games?

Bare in fact that I am a poor student who wants to spend as little as possible.

  inneedofhelp 14:13 03 Aug 2004

i had a 2700 xp and last week upgraded to thr amd 64 3200.

On the 3dmark03 benchmark, designed for gamers, i got an increase of approx 400 points. The only game which i have noticed a difference is flightsim 2004 in the loading times. Apart from that halo and all my other games run the same.also an athalon 2700xp will cost you £80quid(i'll sell u my olf one for £45).

  rickimalone04 17:59 03 Aug 2004

I'm using an AMD64 3000+ in my mesh system and am over the moon with it, the price I paid £999inc vat for the system including 17inc LCD N'vida FX5900 and loads more over 5months ago I think is great value for moeny and would buy it again.

When 64bit longhorn comes out online retailers will supply it on oem and ill upgrade to that with an extra 512MB RAM.

Regards to the processor I might upgrade it in two years to the most powerful 754 socket I think is the 64 3400 and will be happy with that.

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