Athlon 64 vs current cpu's?

  Workezz 16:54 05 Oct 2003

I realise that the athlon 64 has only just come out, but since i'm looking at building my own pc, just checking other peoples views out there as to whether going for the new Athlon 64 or sticking to the previous amd cpu's that are available is the way to go?

  Gaz 25 17:19 05 Oct 2003

64 bit processors are new, not only will they need minor modifications becuasse they are new and may have little gliches, they are expensive and very powerfull, pnly if you need it should you go for it.

A 2.66 or 2.8 Intel should be fast enough when coupled with 512Mb DDR.

Or an AMD 2800+ is very fast in my opinion.

  DieSse 17:45 05 Oct 2003

Have a read here for the latest speed tests. click here

Tome previous conclusion was that a P4 2.8GHz with the new 800MHz FSB and Dual Channel RAM is the hot affordable processor for now.

The Software/OS issues for 64 bit processors are far from settled right now.

  powerless 17:57 05 Oct 2003

Look good though, when your showing off!

  Rayuk 18:21 05 Oct 2003

Please be aware that the link posted above seems to be the only one to come to the conclusion it has,check out ome other reviews.
click here

Saying that rather than pay out a large amount now on a motherboard and cpu that will be obsolete early 2004 when the 939 pin models will start to appear I think it would be better to build yourself a nice little stop gap pc.

The best value Athlon at the moment is the 2500+Barton

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:26 05 Oct 2003

Unless you are SERIOUSLY into gaming, the question is a rather moot point.


  MungoJerry 10:54 11 Oct 2003

I know you are looking to build one so read past the next sentence lol. Time Computers have release 2 diffrent machines recently with 64 bit CPU's in them, check out the reviews on these machines and see if they do what you want then you have an idea of what you might want to do with the machine you are building. why not consider building a machine that is capable of 64 bit and then as an when you need to upgrade the bits you need to to 64bit but over time rather than waste money on something that you would not see the benifits for until all the OS & software issues are resolved?

  Newuser2193 21:40 11 Oct 2003

I am open to correction, but am I right in thinking that current processors are already 64 bit except for the address bus which is 32 bit and which has a 4 Gigabyte limit of memory which it can access ? Does any PC yet built have this much memory ?

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