Asus Vivobook S200e performance?

  Jwbjnwolf 14:52 27 Aug 2013

I've been playing around with my Acer One 751h netbook lately, and the things that been going through my mind, what if I did manage to overclock the atom chip, or what if I managed to replace the atom chip with a much better performing pentuim chip etc etc. I know, I'm crazy thinking that, as I know my netbook even if I managed to, it wouldn't cope, and it'd just be stupid me doing that.

I love my acer one, but I sure wish that the atom inside weren't so slow, but then it is a netbook from 2009, so I decided to search "fastest netbook 2013" and instantly FIRST RESULT was PC Advisor's review of the Asus Vivobook s200c.

From the benchmarks comparisons on CPU-World, the pentium CPU looks to roughly match the performance of the pentium I had in my Acer Aspire 5715z laptop, and then the i3 shows it's far far far better and yet the Asus is no more expensive than what my 5715z cost.

Obviously benchmarks aren't everything and is why I'd like to hear some others opinions of it who maybe actually own it.

Looks such an amazing device for that price, and with the touchscreen too, that'll be lovely add on.

I'm not in any rush on getting it as there's no point rushing as the longer I wait, the better tech will just get lol.

As long as this Asus will at least match the speed of my 5715z, then I'm happy with that especially for a little device like that. But atoms, all I can say is that 1.33ghz single core is too slow for today, and netbooks I've used with 1.6ghz, don't see any difference. 1]: [click here 2]: [click here 3]: [click here 4]: [click here

  Jwbjnwolf 14:53 27 Aug 2013

Ok, why did that happen the "click here.."s? Lol o_o

  Woolwell 18:54 27 Aug 2013

I have the i3 ASUS S200E. It's reasonably quick with I think the bottleneck being the hard drive. I had a Vista Acer before and the ASUS boots far faster and is just as fast. The touch screen is good. Battery life could be better and about 3 hours is max (sealed battery - non-removable). But the recharging unit is very light. It's very light and portable. It took it on holiday and it was good.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:19 27 Aug 2013

Must of been a lovely device to have on holiday :D lol. It sure does look an outstanding device, even if it was £500, it still looks a really excellent value :) Asus looks like they sure have done it right with the netbook market lol :P

  Woolwell 22:16 27 Aug 2013

Don't consider the basic Pentium version. Have a look at the Acer Aspire S3 too.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:18 28 Aug 2013

Yea I'm not so interested in the pentuim one as the i3 version isn't much more expensive but I know is gonna be a Lottie powerful.

The acer, that's beautiful too, really beautiful, but it's more expensive plus you get less for your money in my opinion. It may go up to an i7 but realistically, I can't think why I'd need any more power than this asus for a netbook/ultrabook, as if this is gonna be capable of just as much as my 5715z if not more then that will suit my portable needs just fine and also because of the touch screen, that will be such a welcoming feature.

I ain't bothered much that it's not a convertible because its very similar design to the MB Air but also with a touchscreen and for roughly the same cost as the average netbook.

I'm really really glad to see the type of keyboard it has as not only is it smarter, but it's much like apple keyboards and I find it so much easier when the keys are like that, and the trackpad looks a really comfortable size too.

I'm not too bothered about the battery life, as it's only on my iPhone and iPod that I'm bothered about.

Ill likely much prefer this to iPads lol as I like iPads, but I always find myself more on my iPhone than my iPad as I prefer the smaller form factor of just having it in the palm of my hand and using it with my thumb lol.

The iPad, I do get a bit fed up of it that I'm trying to use it for desktop sort of work, but I struggle. Not because it's the touch keyboard as I love that, but because the iPad isn't as good as a laptop/desktop when it comes to doing stuff on desktop sites etc.

But then a lot of times I can't be bothered to turn my mac on, I just want something quick so that's when a portable comes in useful but my acer one, it's just too damn slow.

I'd love to also see how good android works on it too as if you've ever seen "OSFirstTimer", he tested android on his surface pro, so that would be nice :)

  Woolwell 20:08 28 Aug 2013

The Acer S3 can be obtained at discounts see Saveonlaptops.

I have an iPad too.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:17 28 Aug 2013

Well on that site, they also have the asus i3 exactly the same price, and the i3 CPUs in both look roughly the same. The acer is 13", but I prefer the 11.6" form factor plus it's touch so the answer is pretty obvious for me lol :P

  Woolwell 22:55 28 Aug 2013

W8 with touchscreen is fine. Have a look at some reviews. A rival magazine has just covered several similar models. I like the ASUS. Some of the apps can be a bit slow to launch but it is quite light, very portable and feels well made.

  Jwbjnwolf 01:24 31 Aug 2013

Yea it certainly looks really well made just looking at pictures of it, and I certainly can imagine how comfortable to use it must be because I remember those times being in the apple store and playing around with the MacBook Air, really comfortable, really nice feel, and because the Asus is similar, that's the next best thing in my opinion to a MacBook Air and it's about £600 less.

I bet that if someone stuck an apple sticker on it and hackintoshed it, some people (not talking about tech savy people who always basically know these things) would be pretty convinced its a new MacBook lol.

I feel like doing that just for the sake of seeing how much people are fooled by it XD.

  Jwbjnwolf 11:30 21 Sep 2013

Woolwell, I've got the Asus now, and I am just baffled with how fast it is, I never was even expecting it to be even 3/4 as fast. First thing I noticed was that Asus, they don't preinstall dozens of unnecessary junk software on, but then they do have an app that lets you browse all the things that would have been preinstall led so you can still install them if you want. I think that is just so much a better way of doing it.

One of the next things I noticed was that there's a restore partition as well as a recovery partition which confused me a little, but I've got them backed up as a Recovery.dmg image on my mac now (I copied the partitions to my external HDD with the built in windows create a restore drive tool and then used disk utility to make that into a DMG to store on my mac so I can keep it more backed up). Quite proud with myself for coming up with that idea, and obviously I tested make sure it works which it does (press the ESC key when laptop starts for the boot device menu).

The touchscreen, wow it's just beyond words amazing. Yesterday me and my mum messed around playing Fruit Ninja on it, and it regonised I think all of our fingers at the same time so that's over ten finger recognition that's for sure. The build quality, that's what I would expect from a much higher priced laptop not from a laptop which cost £388.

It's lovely the size, it is still really small to hold and store, like a netbook, but then it just feels like a laptop whilst using it, it doesn't feel small at all.

I knew I was expecting a really great device, but not this great, and for me, this is far superior to a tablet, because it's far more powerful than even a high range tablet because it's in the intel i3 range, and it's so much more for my money.

Who was I to say a few years ago when I got my iMac, that I'll never get a laptop again? Lmao.

Out of ten, so far I'd rate it a 15/10 (if I'm allowed to do that xD).

Thanks for the link to save on laptops Woolwell. Such an excellent price and didn't even take 24 hours to come since ordering it

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