ASUS motherboard a word of warning

  Gizmo2005 18:50 15 Dec 2008

I bought a £320.00 Asus Rampage II Extreme Intel X58 (Socket 1366) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard, it was D.O.A had to return it to the “reputable company in the UK”

At this point I must say that I must take some of the blame, as I didn’t check the board CPU socket pins before I installed the CPU, but on installing the motherboard it didn’t post the “reputable company in the UK” said I was to post the CPU, RAM, and the motherboard back to them.

They said that the pins were bent, I know I didn’t, but unless I singed a waiver removing the 3 year warrantee they would try and fix it, last I heard the £320.00 board is being sent back to ASUS.

PLEASE if you are buying a motherboard get a magnifying glass and check the board as this one has 1366 pins, so I have a CPU, RAM and no motherboard, personally I would buy anything from ASUS or anything else from this “reputable company in the UK”

  citadel 19:35 15 Dec 2008

I have recently bought an asus board and everything worked flawlessly, I don't know how the pins were bent on your board as mine had a cover for protection.

  Gizmo2005 19:42 15 Dec 2008


Yes the CPU socket did have a cover, I took off the cover once just to install the CPU, I know I was carful, but it was my word against there’s , this is a cautionary tale!

Buyers beware!!

  laurie53 20:14 15 Dec 2008

Asus sell a fair few motherboards and I've not heard of many complaints, at least, not unresolved ones.

Any particular reason why you are prepared to name Asus, but not the "reputable company in the UK"?

  GaT7 20:16 15 Dec 2008

What CPU was it exactly please? G

  Gizmo2005 20:28 15 Dec 2008

I haven’t named the "reputable company in the UK” because the whole thing is still unresolved, and to be fair to them as I said I do take some of the responsibility NOT checking the CPU socket pins before installation, and this as I said is a cautionary tale!

As why I named ASUS, it could have been ANY other manufacture, this is the 4th computer I built from scratch and had no problems with any others, and my last one was an Epox nforce 4 which I am still using to this day

The CPU I will be using (eventually) is the Intel i7 940

  GaT7 20:51 15 Dec 2008

I'm not understanding this fully...

The motherboard & CPU match in terms of 'pins' & compatibility. And there's only one way a CPU will fit into the mobo-CPU slot - the notches ensure this.

Moreover the 'pins' are flatish & dimple-like, which makes it that much harder to 'bend' or damage.

Granted, things have come a long way since nForce4 mobos, but the basics of installation remain the same. This together with the above, makes it even more difficult to comprehend what you've done.

I fail to see how Asus or the retailer can be expected to take any of the blame here (unless they've sold you damaged goods in the first place). And they seem to be doing all they can to resolve it. Why did you even have to post this thread? Apologies if I may have misunderstood something. G

  Gizmo2005 21:30 15 Dec 2008

I know this sounds “I am a chancer” but the motherboard box looked like it had been opened, again I should have rejected the motherboard instantly, but as I said I take part of the blame.

Why did I post this thread?

I did as I said so someone else doesn’t have the same problem I have had and go through check and double check the board in its box.

My next motherboard “whoever makes it” will in the box be gone over with a fine tooth comb.

  howard64 18:02 17 Dec 2008

Something is wrong here - The mobo has a socket which basically has holes - it is the cpu that has pins which can get bent.

  Gizmo2005 19:31 17 Dec 2008

Hi there howard64 the newer Intel (not sure about AMD) have no pins in the CPU but the motherboard socket contains the pins, this is where I should have been SO observant before pacing in the CPU, please everyone before you take the motherboard out of the box get a magnifying glass and look at all the 1366 pins on the board before installing the CPU

  howard64 16:50 20 Dec 2008

boy they change things so quickly I must build a new one soon.

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