Asus laptops - any opinions?

  Daibus 11:24 20 May 2006

Has anyone got opinions or experience of Asus laptops?

I`ve been looking at the A6J and the Z92KM (which has an AMD 64 MT32 processor)but cannot really find many reviews on Asus laptops. I`ve also been looking at the Acer 5612 range of duel processor laptops as well but maybe the Asus range represents a better buy and better quality?

Many thanks for your help.

  Gazzerr 11:38 20 May 2006

I've got a W3v which as been superseded now. I really like it - right size and feels nice. Not very technical I know - at the time it ticked the boxes for what i wanted. It wasn't the cheapest but a nice package

At the time I struggled as you, you can't find out much about them -not sure why other than they don't sell many i guess.

I got it from the web and a shop down near Battersea run by Eastern Europeans but helpful lads.

  vinnyT 11:53 20 May 2006

Take a look here and serch for asus laptops, click here

  Daibus 12:07 20 May 2006

Thanks guys for your help - any further opinions gratefully accepted.

  pixmania 21:11 23 May 2006

They are well build but in my opinion screen is not of great quality and they are too heavy , but that is only me.

  MINKS 16:38 25 May 2006

I have a Asus laptop which I bought June 2005. Agree with pixmania about the screen but on the whole it has done everything I have asked of it. They also come with a 2 year warranty.

In April the hard drive packed in. Rang Asus customer support, answered first time within 20 seconds. Returns number sent to me the day after, laptop collected and returned within 7 days and the Easter weekend was in that.

Cannot fault their after sales service.

  ade.h 17:17 25 May 2006

Pixmania's comments seem to be echoed by the labtest reviews that I have read. PC Pro often includes at least one Asus (there were two in the last labtest) and they get well-received, but not quite enough to get an award.

  Daibus 17:40 25 May 2006

Cheers for all your opinions and any more out there will always be good to read.

  ade.h 18:12 25 May 2006

A couple of Asus models in this labtest click here

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